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Joann Askew, Lower School Science Lab/STEM Instructor Science, Technology, Engineering, Math – disciplines collectively known as STEM, the buzz word… Read More >

There is No Math Gene

By: Michelle Hyde, FUSE Math Teacher If you’re a person, and you do math, then good news! You are a… Read More >

Inquiry Based Learning

By: Carol King, FUSE Instructor As the world that our children are growing up in is changing, the way they… Read More >


By: Paul Mittura, Upper School Science You get up on cold winter morning and the sparse clouds are beautiful reds,… Read More >

Corey Boyd

Corey Boyd teaches Mathematics and Economics at Clarksville Academy. Mr. Boyd graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a Bachelor… Read More >

Nicole Hardison

Nicole Hardison teaches Mathematics and Personal Finance at Clarksville Academy. Mrs. Hardison earned her Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from… Read More >

Lori Peay

Lori Peay  teaches Mathematics at Clarksville Academy. She graduated from the University of Tennessee with a Bachelors Degree in Business/Marketing…. Read More >

Shaine Walker

Shaine Walker teaches Mathematics and Physics at Clarksville Academy. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and… Read More >