Accomplishments Under Dr. Kay Drew’s Leadership

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Clarksville Academy’s Drew to Depart for Ft. Bragg »

Enrollment and Retention

  • Under Drew’s leadership, the school has experienced impressive gains in enrollment for 15 consecutive years. Student enrollment has more than doubled increasing to the current 658 students.
  • In her tenure, Clarksville Academy has seen a 90% average for the retention rate among not only students but faculty as well.
  • The school now draws students from over 27 zip codes, to include a diverse population of military, civilian, and international students.


  • Drew led the innovative move from books only to the addition of 1:1 Apple technology in grades K-12, and the school’s designation as a nationally recognized Apple Distinguished School for five years.
  • She guided the Clarksville Academy athletic program through the addition of expanded team offerings, and increased team success including a State Championship title, and a move to Division II athletics.
  • Inside the growth of student population, strong student performance has also occurred with increased college readiness scores, 100% college acceptances and increased college scholarship dollars.
  • Drew added a service education component (CBL or Challenge-Based Learning) to the curriculum. Students and faculty team and collaborate for solutions of positive change in the greater Clarksville community in the areas of health, arts, low-income needs, and military family assistance.

 Campus Growth and Development

  • She positioned Clarksville Academy for growth by purchasing 26.5 acres and developing the CA Sports Complex and field house. The complex includes Wes Smith Baseball Field, Simpson Football field, Burchett Softball field, Winn Soccer field, and the Marissa Maples Hood practice field.
  • Her vision and a strong desire for growth resulted in the construction of a $4.5 million new education building, which houses state of the art classrooms.
  • CA is currently purchasing 5 acres of adjoining land at the sports complex for future athletic programs.
  • Under Drew’s leadership, the school has generated increased financial gifts.


Press Release: Clarksville Academy’s Drew to Depart for Ft. Bragg »

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