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Focusing Upon Student Excellence

for 4th and 5th Grade Students

Encouraging Responsibility and Innovation while
 Developing Independence and Confidence

Continual progression is a priority for every Clarksville Academy student.  This means maintaining a framework for instruction that ensures students are always growing intellectually and increasing independence and confidence.

At CA, our teachers are always monitoring these aspects and offering recommendations for improvement.  We understand the need to allow students to mature in a setting that is safe and one in which mistakes are viewed as learning opportunities.  Additionally, we want students to be filled with excitement as they move through the phases of their education.

The fourth and fifth graders attending CA are unofficially viewed as the student leaders of the lower school.  A large majority of these students have attended CA since they were five years of age.  While each grade in PK-5 is characterized by its own curriculum and filled with opportunities for independence and responsibility, evidence supports that the fourth and fifth grade students demonstrate abilities and confidence that will allow for teaching modifications and schedule changes.

Because of this, Lower School teachers worked together to develop a new model for teaching fourth- and fifth-grade Lower School Students called F.U.S.E.

This new program was called F.U.S.E.,  Focusing Upon Student Excellence. It was implemented with our 4th- and 5th-grade students for the 2014-2015 school year and was a huge success!  The program has continued to grow and meet the changing needs of its students.  F.U.S.E. was designed to give students at CA the best education has to offer, while preparing them for the years ahead.

  • Fourth and fifth graders will transition from self-contained classrooms to a new style of departmentalization.
  • With students moving to a different room for each core subject, there will be a new level of student responsibility required.
  • Students will have more freedom as they are move between classrooms adjacent to each other, yet they will still have teachers near by providing support when needed.
  • Each subject is taught by a teacher who has expertise and passion for that specific area of study.
  • Teachers for science and math classes will also be integrating science labs and math labs.
  • Students will transition to all-inclusive class binders with a handle that will hold and organize folders from each subject to compliment data that is electronically stored.
  • CA’s 1:1 technology program has fourth and fifth graders using iPad Minis that they carry from class to class in their personal messenger bags.  Homework will also include the use of technology.
  • Students are taught to be digital citizens, learning to use technology in ways that are appropriate for their educational and social experiences.
  • Students will no longer have a homeroom desk but will be provided a space for storage of their personal items.
  • Each week, students will attend a number of enrichment classes including Spanish, art, music, wellness, and STEM. They will also have daily physical education.
  • Daily instruction will include vocabulary and writing enrichment, as well as a block for reflection and study time.  This will allow students to meet with teachers for additional help, meet in small groups for enrichment, or to organize materials for the evening and following day.

This transitional model will develop independence and continuous academic growth while continuing to provide a nurturing environment. F.U.S.E. program students will receive a deeper immersion in content areas.  By empowering students with this model, CA has created opportunities for advancement in student excellence.   At this point in the child’s education, we should not measure success from recitation of new information, but instead, teach them to process information and gain an understanding of the application of knowledge.

For more information on Clarksville Academy or the F.U.S.E. 4-5 Program, please contact CA at 931-647-6311.