By: Sally Allen, Director of Marketing & Development

February is the time when independent schools across the country begin their re-enrollment process. This is a time of excitement and anxiety for both the school and parent.  Excitement for parents, as they look ahead to a new grade, and a new experience and excitement from the school for all the wonderful opportunities in the new school year.  Anxiety from parents as they look ahead and envision their child in a new grade level and as they commit to another year financially for their child’s education. During this exciting time, it’s important to remember why you chose a private education.


Traditionally, parents choose private education for smaller class sizes, more intimate learning environments, specialized course selections, athletics, expanded collegiate scholarship opportunities, etc.  Click here and here to read our past blogs reflecting on choosing the right private school for your family. It is important to weigh the facts when deciding whether to re-enroll.

Making the commitment to re-enroll your child, often times causes families to reflect on the past year and evaluate your commitment to your school choice.  A few of things you may consider as re-enrollment begins are:


  • Do you feel your school is meeting the needs of your student?
  • Does your school adhere to their mission statement?
  • Do you and your family feel an active part of the school community?
  • Is your child able to meet the expectations set forth by the school?
  • Is your family able to continue the financial commitment to send your child there?

If you answered yes to the above questions, then you should immediately re-enroll your child in their current school.  If you answered no to any of the above questions, it is important that you reach out to your school faculty and administrators to address any concerns you may have and engage in conversations regarding your child’s educational future. Keep in mind many schools have a set re-enrollment period, giving priority to current students and families. Failing to meet those deadlines could result in loss of space at the school and late fees.

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