Winterim–Freshman Seminar

The Freshman Seminar Winterim is designed to allow them to explore a wider range of subjects and skills. This will be a chance for them to learn in a variety of settings and from a variety of professionals.  They will work in both large and small groups and have a chance to expand their leadership skills. Throughout the two weeks students will visit the Makerspace, Fine Arts, leadership, fitness, learn etiquette, ACT prep work and more.  Winterim encourages deeper faculty-student relationships and reminds us that learning is not restricted to a classroom.  Each day we will post short updates and photos on what our Freshman are experiencing.

In ACT Prep students have been playing Proof, a mental math game.  Using 9 numbers written on their card, students must create equations. If a successful equation is made, they get a point.

During fitness, students have travelled to Skyline Bowling and Rotary Park.  Both off campus experiences were a nice change of pace for the students. 


What is your soundtrack of 2020?  From the lyrics of a classic Kenny Chesney song I Go Back, “Everytime I hear that song, I go back. We all have a song that somehow stamped our lives, takes us to another place and time” 

This week Freshman have been thinking about their goals/resolutions for 2020. Students were asked to think of 3 short term goals to finish up freshman year and 3 long term goals to begin Sophomore year. Each student then created a 2020 Playlist of songs that will inspire, remind, and motivate them as they challenge themselves to meet and exceed their goals for the year!

Freshman learned about the brain, how to enhance their memory, and then challenged themselves in some games of the Match Game.

STEM Challenges in the Maynard Makerspace are always fun!

Begin Your Journey.