Charitable Giving

By: Sally Allen, Director of Marketing & Development

During this time of year, we all begin to think about charitable giving.  There are so many fantastic opportunities available for giving.  Here are a few simple guidelines for deciding where or how to give.

  1. Choose the organization(s) that best fit with you or your family’s interests.
  2. Research the charitable organization that you want to give to.  Is it a credible 501c3 that spends its money wisely to achieve its mission?  Will you receive a tax deduction?
  3. Do they prefer a monetary donation, a donation of food, clothing, personal care items or the gift of your time serving with the organization?
  4. What is their mission and does it relate to what you believe?
  5. Will your employer match your gift?

These 5 simple guidelines will help you in deciding on where and what to give.    Selecting an organization that not only supports the beliefs and mission that you and your family have, but is something you trust is the most important.  Once you’ve narrowed your selections down, it’s important to research the charity and note how they spend their money (actual funding vs. administrative funding). Unfortunately, there are many charitable organization that spend more on publicity and administrative staff than on their stated goals or cause.  Then dig a little further and see if they prefer something other than a monetary donation. Some organizations appreciate the gift of time as much, if not more, than your dollars.  Finally, ask your employer if they will match your gift.  Many companies will match gifts up to a certain amount.  Contact your human resources office to see if you qualify.

The holiday season is all about giving. There are many opportunities to give and serve causes and organizations that are important to you.  We hope you find the right place to donate your time and/or resources to.


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