Lower School News: November 6 – November 10, 2017


Fifth graders recently returned from the annual trip to the Land Between the Lakes.  On Nov. 1-3, students visited the Woodlands Nature Station, the Brandon Spring Group Center, and The Homeplace 1850 Farm.  Students participated in a variety of activities including interacting with local wildlife, archery, tracking animal signs, canoeing, a pond study, orienteering, building a wilderness survival shelter, a night hike, a bonfire, and exploring life on a farm in the year 1850.  Students were immersed in nature as they applied concepts of science and math, learned the history of the area, and completed reading and writing activities about life in the 1850’s.  This 3-day trip is an adventure-filled experience allowing students to go off the grid, practice team building and communication skills, enjoy yummy home cooked meals, and enjoy learning to the fullest extent.  A special thanks to our parent chaperones who were a critical part of making this a successful trip – Tricia Wallace, Winnetka Gray, Dr. Rebecca Turney, Travis Janssen, Marc Maxwell, Alex Ozolins, Ben Moore, Bryce Powers, Dr. Deborah Hellums, and Chris Wofford.


1st Grade

The First Grade Pet Show was a great success!  Thank you to our teachers, Mrs. Lynn & Mrs. Lindsey for all their hard work.  

2nd Grade

Second grade students began working on STEM projects. The students worked in small groups to design covered wagons and small toys. They will continue to work in their groups to construct the covered wagons and small toys from given supplies. Once completed, the students will present their products to the class.

Science News

In conjunction with our First grade pet show., First graders study animal habitats.  They compared 8 different habitats/ecosystems and identified animals that live in them – Arctic, Antarctic, Savannah, Oceans, Ponds, Caves, Forests, and Rainforests.

Second graders created a grid pattern and stamped 16 different animal tracks as they begin their study of Animals.  We compared and contrasted animal paw prints and animal hoof prints, noting similarities and differences.  We had plaster casts of animal prints and matched them with identification sheets.

Third graders used different items to simulate bird beaks.  Tweezers represented finch, cardinal, and pigeon beaks. Golf tees represented woodpecker beaks.  Pipettes represented hummingbird eating styles. We discussed animal adaptations, and features that help animals survive in their environments.


3rd Grade

Mrs. Williams’ third grade class just finished reading the book, The BFG. They celebrated by having a BGF Party complete with “Frobscottle” and “Snozzcumners.” All had a. Whopsy time!!!

Third grade collected and compared data in each class using students’ height (in inches).  They created a tally table of data using height measurements and recorded each student’s height.  Students used their collected data to create a class line plot.



4th grade FUSE Students FaceTimed with Beethoven in music class, learning about his life and important lessons he had to share.

In Science, fifth graders were challenged to build a “Bone Bridge” as part of a STEM Halloween activity. Students worked together to come up with a plan, draw a design, and decide on supplies. Groups competed to build a free-standing bridge that could hold up to 15 candy pumpkins.

Fourth grade FUSE students completed a Candy Corn Tower Challenge on Halloween in Science class. Groups competed to see who could build the tallest tower out of candy corn and toothpicks in just 15 minutes! Students worked together to plan and draw their design before beginning to work. After the work was done, they discussed ways to improve their initial designs. 


Eye Exams

On Tuesday, November 7, 2017, we will be offering a vision screening for all Lower School students. The screening will consist of a visual acuity check and a basic assessment for binocularity (ruling out eye turns/lazy eye). Dr. Jackson from Sango Eye Care will provide this complimentary service to the school on our campus. If consent is given it is not required that a parent/guardian be present for their child’s vision screening. A vision screening report will be sent home with your child. This is a great opportunity for our students and we encourage you to sign up no later than Friday, November 3, 2017. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.


Modern Brush Calligraphy

Mrs. Morgan James has a love for hand lettering.  In this class you will learn all the basics of Modern Calligraphy. We will focus on technique and connection of letters, how to mix and match fonts and how to properly use different calligraphy tools. This course will include a small chalkboard, 2 brush pens, 1 ornament (we will letter on this during class) and a set of practice sheets. The class will run from November 14-December 7.  Students can choose either a Tuesday or Thursday option and class will take place from 3:30-4:30 in Mrs. Morgan James’ room. Open to 6th grade through adult.  $30.00 Supplies, $15 per class



Cooking with Karen

Mrs. Dirksen is excited to announce a new offering in the Cafeteria!  She will host a “Christmas Gifts from the Kitchen” after school enrichment course from December 4-December 8.  Students will report to the kitchen from 3:00-5:00 PM.  All ingredients and supplies will be provided and students will make 10 Christmas gifts in a jar!  This fun-filled activity will provide you with great gifts for your loved ones!   Students will get to taste test each day’s project.  They will receive a recipe book and bag for all their goodies!  This class is open to 4th-7th graders and is available to only 20 students.  The cost is $100.  

If you would like to register for this class visit:



Clarksville Academy Association (CAA) is the parent volunteer association of Clarksville Academy. There are many opportunities throughout the school year for parents, guardians, and grandparents to get involved by volunteering your time and/or contributions. We certainly hope you will join us in making CA an even greater place for our children, faculty and staff!

Please contact Beth Mabry on how to get involved. bethfmabry@gmail.com


Teacher Treats

Each grade level will have the opportunity one time during the school year to provide Teacher Treats. You may contribute snacks, treats, drinks or a monetary donation to help purchase treats. Please watch for your grade’s week and contact your representative.


Upcoming Teacher Treat weeks:

PK-K         Nov. 16     Doug Skaggs   adds06@verizon.net  or 757-268-5172

 2nd grade   Dec. 7     Doug Skaggs   adds06@verizon.net  or 757-268-5172


Box Top Contest

The CAA invites everyone to participate in our Box Tops Contest this year! When you turn in your Box Tops please label the baggie with your student’s name, grade and teacher (Lower School). A tally will be kept of all box top returns and a Pizza party will be awarded to the class with the most labels returned!  

Begin Your Journey.