Safety Policy


The Basic Campus Security Guidelines to
Ensure the Safety of our Students
Updated 2017

The safety and security of Clarksville Academy is paramount to maximizing the educational opportunities offered to our students.  While our campus has security procedures in place to monitor our campus safety, the policies listed below provide additional measures to enhance our security.
1:  Travel in pairs:  Students should always travel from building to building with a minimum of one “Cougar Buddy”.  Students 3rd grade or younger should be accompanied by an adult. Teachers keeping students after class for additional instruction will need to partner them with someone or walk them to their next class.
2:  Teachers control and monitor class transitions:  All classroom doors should be locked by 8:05. Teachers should have their classroom doors locked while in assembly. Teachers are critical to the safety of our student population.  They maintain a safe, orderly, and educational environment throughout the school day.  Their role during class transitions is even more important.  Teachers are required to monitor their students moving between classes as their number one priority.
3:  Positive control of students:  When teachers send students to alternate locations on campus, they will notify the faculty member at the intended destination prior to student movement and receive confirmation that the student has arrived at the destination.
4: Teachers’ responsibility for their students until they arrive at their destination:  Teachers will monitor and control all student movement. If a parent/guardian is picking up a student during the school day, Mrs. Debbie Turnage will ensure that the student is under the care of the parent/guardian before the student departs from campus. Mrs. Turnage will then email the student’s teacher informing that the student is under the care of a parent/guardian.
5. Parent Visitation: All parents or visitors on campus will have a lime green visitor sticker. Anyone without this sticker should be redirected to Debbie Turnage’s desk, even if we know them Teachers and students should be encouraged to have awareness of who does not have a sticker and redirect them
6. Campus Security: Daily campus security has been increased. Security on campus times will fluctuate. Security officers are advising administration for the time fluctuation periods for the remainder of the year. Traffic pattern routes are being analyzed and developed by our security professionals.

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