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Hot Topics and FAQs

Code of Conduct FAQs

These are frequently asked questions and answers regarding the new Code of Conduct.  If you have a question that is not answered here or the Code of Conduct document, please feel free to contact Mrs. Christmas for questions regarding the discipline policies or Dr. Beach for questions regarding the honor code.

Download Code of Conduct FAQs >>


Campus Safety

Could you please share some of the policies and practices for campus security at Clarksville Academy?

The safety and security of Clarksville Academy is paramount to maximizing the educational opportunities offered to our students.  While our campus has security procedures in place to monitor our campus safety, the policies listed below provide additional measures to enhance our security.

1.  Travel in pairs:  Students should always travel from building to building with a minimum of one “Cougar Buddy”.  Students 3rd grade or younger should be accompanied by an adult. Teachers keeping students after class for additional instruction will need to partner them with someone or walk them to their next class.

2.  Teachers control and monitor class transitions:  All classroom doors should be locked by 8:05. Teachers should have their classroom doors locked while in assembly. Teachers are critical to the safety of our student population.  They maintain a safe, orderly, and educational environment throughout the school day.  Their role during class transitions is even more important.  Teachers are required to monitor their students moving between classes as their number one priority.

3.  Positive control of students:  When teachers send students to alternate locations on campus, they will notify the faculty member at the intended destination prior to student movement and receive confirmation that the student has arrived at the destination.

4. Teachers’ responsibility for their students until they arrive at their destination:  Teachers will monitor and control all student movement. If a parent/guardian is picking up a student during the school day, Mrs. Debbie Turnage will ensure that the student is under the care of the parent/guardian before the student departs from campus. Mrs. Turnage will then email the student’s teacher informing that the student is under the care of a parent/guardian.

5. Parent Visitation: All parents or visitors on campus will have a lime green visitor sticker. Anyone without this sticker should be redirected to Debbie Turnage’s desk, even if we know them Teachers and students should be encouraged to have awareness of who does not have a sticker and redirect them

6. Campus Security: Daily campus security has been increased. Security on campus times will fluctuate. Security officers are advising administration for the time fluctuation periods for the remainder of the year. Traffic pattern routes are being analyzed and developed by our security professionals.


Financial Aid

Does Clarksville Academy extend financial aid to families who qualify? How does the application and review for this process work?

  • Clarksville Academy’s policy on financial aid is straightforward. Students must meet the required academic and behavioral criteria for school admissions to be considered for financial aid. Financial aid is managed by Clarksville Academy through the same committee that handles all applications to Clarksville Academy. The financial aid committee is committed to making Clarksville Academy’s program affordable to all qualified students to the extent that our resources allow. For the 2017-2018 school year, Clarksville Academy will open financial aid applications to families with students in grades PK-12.

On January 25, 2017, the Clarksville Academy Board of Trustees adopted the following policy which will guide CA in reviewing and awarding financial aid.

CA Financial Aid Position Policy and Guidelines

An independent school education is a costly yet beneficial investment. Often families who desire to provide their children with this opportunity are concerned about their ability to afford such an education. Clarksville Academy understands this concern and works to determine a fair assessment of a family’s ability to provide their children a CA education.

The financial aid committee is committed to making Clarksville Academy’s program affordable to all qualified students to the extent that our resources allow. Clarksville Academy offers financial aid applications to families with students in grades PK-12. Clarksville Academy financial aid is based solely upon demonstrated financial need. To help determine each family’s need, CA subscribes to the School and Student Services for Financial Aid at National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS). Families should expect to contribute to their child’s educational expenses to the greatest extent they are able, given their economic situation.

Magazine Sales

  • How many Magazines does my child need to sell to get a t-shirt? Sales of five magazines receive a shirt, candy, a small prize and the emoji necklace.
  • How many Magazines does my family need to order/sell for our child to gain entrance into the money machine? Sale of 20 or more magazines makes you eligible for the emoji necklace, candy, small prize, a larger pick a prize, a t-shirt, the movie fun party, to spin the wheel for prizes and finally for the money machine!
  • What is the easiest and most time efficient way for my family to participate in the magazine sales drive? Use this link to order online today http://gaschoolstore.com/login/StudentInfo


International Exchange Student

How does a student from another country qualify for admission to CA?

  • International students have the same screening assessment as all other students seeking enrollment at CA.
  • Students must have strong academic records, excellent behavioral records and recommendations from the school they are currently attending.
  • Additionally they must have command of the English language.
  • Students must visit CA with their host family and interview/screen in person upon arrival to Tennessee.
  • The International Students’ family is responsible for signing the enrollment contract and all of the tuition/fees.
  • International Students are enrolled at Clarksville Academy for a full year.


Addition of Backpacks in Grades 6-12 and Locker Modifications

The addition of backpacks, an adopted proposal from Student Government, is detailed below:

  • Grades 6-8 students now bring backpacks. Each student stores the backpack in an assigned locker during the school day.
  • Grades 9-12 students now bring backpacks and may keep them all day. Smaller half-lockers may be requested for storage of lunch and sports equipment or practice-wear. All students enrolled in Physical Education or Fitness classes are assigned a locker and lock for gym apparel.  Upper School Divisional Head, Mrs. Christmas invites any student with needs for a smaller half-locker to visit her and she will assign one.
  • Additional full-locker space may be leased for $20 per semester.
  • Plans for installation of a peg system in the entry hall by Guidance Counselor, Denise Walker’s office, are in place. Student feedback and usage of the pegs will be gathered for the remainder of first semester. A determination then will be made on the additional peg system or remaining with only lockers.



  • CA has 100 registered student drivers and CA has 88 Faculty and Staff registered drivers. Parking on campus in now numbered and all daily campus drivers have assigned parking. There are remaining open parking spaces, marked visitor spaces and handicap parking spaces available for parents and visitors.


Austin Peay and Dual Anatomy Enrollment

  • CA currently offers 7 Dual Enrollment and 8 AP courses for upper school students. Only one Dual Enrollment Anatomy lab requires travel to the APSU campus.  All other courses and labs are taught on the CA campus by CA teachers.

The Peay Pickup Trolley travels to CA to transport our students directly to the Sundquist  building.  This assists our students by ensuring prompt arrival to and    from class and eliminates the worry of finding parking at APSU midday.


360 Google Marketing

  • CA Admissions has found that over 90% of the incoming visiting families have previewed CA on our website. From contact with the families, Mrs. Burchett, Admission Director, has found that visiting families find assurance in the fact-that our website is a strong representative of our school.  Google 360 photos are now available on Google and is a part of our website.


ACT Aspire Testing 

  • Question: 

To Dr. Drew,

I recently read that Clarksville-Montgomery County students had well above state average test results on the TNReady tests. How do CA students measure in comparison to this?

  • Reply: 

Great question. CA students in grades 3-10 take a standardized achievement assessment named ACT Aspire. This assessment measures student’s progress across grades toward college and career readiness and is aligned with benchmarks of the ACT providing an evolving picture of student growth. The data that we receive from this is comparable to results that CMCSS has recently shared.

Our student performance data from the spring of 2016 testing revealed that 85% of CA students are on track or have achieved mastery in Science, Reading, Math and Writing. Results from the English assessments revealed a very high percentage of 98% achievement.

While the assessment of CMCSS and CA are not the same, they both are measuring student performance levels for academic progress.

– – –

To find out more about CA assessments please email Denise Walker at dwalker@clarksvilleacademy.com.