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Hot Topics and FAQs

During this re-enrollment time period we have heard several good questions.  We will post those questions and answers here as we receive them. 

  • Why did the enrollment fee increase so much?  The enrollment deposit now covers both the enrollment fee and the development fee.  We simply merged these two fees into an enrollment deposit.  The price did increase $150 total, but the biggest change was the renaming of the fees. 
  • Why do I need to upload my child’s shot record/birth certificate when you already have this on file?  Can I still re-enroll without doing so? We are moving to a paperless system and will now store all files electronically.  In order to streamline this process, we are asking parents to upload their child’s birth certificate and shot records. If you do not have these items electronically, you can continue the enrollment process without them.  You can send these to our office via email at a later time.  Documents can be sent to Shelia Ragsdale, 
  • Can I pay my fees in person or do they have to be paid online? Fees can be paid online via PowerSchool, Marketplace, or in person in the business office.  
  • I cannot enroll my child at this time due to the increase in fees needed to do so.  Will I really lose my child’s spot?  We realize that re-enrollment time can be stressful for our families.  While we are sympathetic of that fact, we must require that families meet the February 19 deadline in order for us to properly prepare for 2019-2020 school year.  On February 20, we will open enrollment to all families, returning and new.  We cannot guarantee available space in classrooms, past the February 19 deadline.  
  • Is the financial aid application required?  When will I find out about awards? Any family wishing to receive financial aid must complete the online financial aid application prior to March 1.  The financial aid committee meets weekly to make awards on a first come, first serve basis. Any questions regarding financial aid should be directed to Matt Wallace,