Situated near the Cumberland River in downtown Clarksville, 45 minutes northwest of Nashville, Clarksville Academy boasts the most comprehensive college-preparatory program in the Clarksville-Montgomery County area.
You’ll find that Clarksville Academy is not a common single-building school. More of a mini-university, the campus is a distinctive mix of nine free-standing structures. Students travel from building to building throughout the day to attend their various classes. Enrollment of almost 600 allows CA to offer a variety of coursework and activities while still maintaining our family atmosphere.
The oldest and largest private school in the Clarksville area to encompass Pre-K through 12th grade, CA is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. In addition, CA holds membership in the Tennessee Association of Independent Schools. Our membership in the TSSAA athletic association means that our student athletes compete in sports programs governed by TSSAA rules, guidelines, and regulations.
In 2007 Clarksville Academy opened the CA Sports Complex, a multi-field facility for student athletics, outdoor events, and recreation. Settled on 31 acres overlooking the Cumberland River, the ongoing project currently boasts five fields—the Wes Smith Baseball Field, the Simpson Football Field. the Winn Soccer Field, the Burchett Softball Field, and the Marisa Maples Hood Memorial Practice Field. A 2400 square foot indoor pitching and hitting facility, named in memory of Angela Jameson Mace was added in 2011 next to Wes Smith Field. In the summer of 2015 a multi-purpose Pavilion was added to offer a place for families, teams, spectators to gather while attending games at the complex.

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