Clarksville Academy Tops ACT Scores

Students from Clarksville Academy, a Pre-Kindergarten through 12 college preparatory private school, recently earned an ACT average composite score of 24.3. This increase is higher than the state average of 19.8 and the national average of 21. CA’s scores also exceeded the benchmark scores in each subject area.   CA administration and faculty believe this ACT score is a product of the emphasis placed on the rigorous, college-preparatory curriculum program in all grades at Clarksville Academy.

Not only did Clarksville Academy students see a rise in overall composite scores, but sub-scores in each area saw an increase of 1 point or higher. Denise Walker, School Counselor believes this increase is a direct reflection of the school’s adoption of annual standardized testing using ASPIRE.

ASPIRE testing is given to third through tenth grade students as a standardized test. “By using the ASPIRE test throughout our school, our students are being introduced to the ACT testing patterns early. This early introduction helps to better prepare them for the actual ACT.” Walker stated. ASPIRE testing is also allowing CA teachers to review their coursework and invite collaboration between grade levels to ensure the students are receiving the instructional knowledge they need. Parents are also able to review where their child’s strengths, weakness, and improvements are occurring. This assessment is instrumental in providing an environment that is conducive to growing a natural and healthy learning and testing environment.

Clarksville Academy continues to focus on a college preparatory education. This year new curriculum has been added to enhance the learning experience throughout the school. Students are experiencing a variety of foreign language options as early as our PreK program and many of our students are enrolled in one of our Dual Enrollment classes in conjunction with APSU. English, Math and Physics are all course options students can take while in high school to receive college credit from APSU.

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