Costa Rica – Day 3

The giver is often the recipient of the greater gift.

Today, Monday, February 20, we had to part ways from a gorgeous village and its people. The culture here is so different. To watch my students blend in so perfectly made me proud for what I am. A teacher.

While it was hard to leave Tortuguero, I knew we would leave with a tremendous impact. This morning we visited an elementary/middle school whose kids had to wear blue khakis and a white shirt. In other words uniforms. Whose kids had no air conditioning, barely any school supplies, and hardly the facilities one would image as a thriving educational institution. One can only image the impact we made by donating 25 back packs each full of school supplies and 21 soccer balls. It was like celebrating Christmas in February.

While I spoke to many native kids the dreams of some resonated so profoundly. Danny wants to be a soccer player. Alejandra an English teacher, and Julia who simply wanted to meet an American girl. The biggest dream came from the director of the school who would simply like three things: a roof that desperately needs to be repaired, ceiling fans due to the fact that the classes can get so very hot, and the biggest of his dreams is to provide soccer uniforms for his students who currently play in their school uniforms: blue khakis, white shirts and most of them barefoot.

While we came baring gifts the smiles on my students’ faces when they were playing soccer or sharing a snack with the Costa Rican students assured me of one thing. “Sometimes the secret of having it all is knowing that you ready do.” I think my students now understand it doesn’t take much to make one happy and how much more we can do to make a difference. Our mission now is to share what we have with others. We do this not only because they have needs but also because when we give we also receive.

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