Costa Rica – Day 1

The journey of a thousand miles begins
with one step: Lao tzu

What a day it has been! Twenty five students and three amazing chaperones joined me today on a quest to experience life changing opportunities in a country that I simply adore. Costa Rica!

The day started early. Very early. In fact it started at 1:00 am. Did I say it started early? Why so early? Because our flight was scheduled to leave at 5:50 am, and by international travel norms, passengers are required to check in three hours in advance.

The minute I spotted my students at the airport, at a little before three, I felt the positive energy, or as we say in my class the positive juju. It was impressive. I must confess and I would like to think that so much of the energy demonstrated this morning was earned. My students have worked so hard to prepare for this trip and the hour has come for them to reap the benefits.

After arriving in San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, we trekked through customs, ate a typical cultural meal at a typical cultural restaurant, and shopped at a local grocery store. Now for those who may not fully understand. This is huge. Why? Because everything around them is in Spanish. Miles to kilometers. Pounds to kilos. Prices had to be converted. Dollars to colones. Proper change, currency, returned for the transactions made. And they did it alone with remarkable success.

We closed the night with journal entries, and despite the fatigue, everyone was so eager to write. In fact many kept asking for more time to capture their words. I’m such a proud teacher.

I closed with a word of gratitude and a quote. “The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.” I needed my students to understand how thankful I am that they had to courage to walk alongside me for what promises to be a trip that will change our lives forever.

Pura Vida!

Begin Your Journey.