SACS Accreditation

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI) has awarded Clarksville Academy accreditation. This group represents 27,000 public and private schools and districts across the US and in 65 countries worldwide educating 15 million students.
The SACS team visited Clarksville Academy over a two-day period and announced their accreditation in July 2017. During their visit SACS team members met with a variety of CA staff, students, parents, board members and stakeholders. During this visits various questions and tours took place giving the group an overall view of what Clarksville Academy is offering it’s students. After the two-day visit, the committee announced that not only would CA remain an accredited institution, but commended the school in
several areas. These commendations are as follows:

  • Clarksville Academy is characterized by a true family atmosphere. Mutual respect and high regard for individual learners are present everywhere.
  • Many students are involved in community service. Students seem to support the activities of their fellow students.
  • Students feel free to approach teachers with problems. Teachers are accessible to students and parents.
  • A positive, open atmosphere is conducive to effective learning.
  • Clarksville Academy is blessed with a strong, capable Head of School.
  • Stakeholder groups praised the leadership of the Head of School. The administrator’s touch is evident in many aspects of the school’s life, facilities, and culture. The Head of School articulates the mission and vision of Clarksville Academy effectively and seems especially adept at receiving input and providing resources to accomplish the school’s mission.Schools, like all organizations, succeed or fail based upon leadership.
  • At Clarksville Academy, effective communication keeps stakeholders aware of school life and events, student progress, and other information.
  • Interviews with students and parents indicated a high level of satisfaction with opportunities and avenues of communication. Written documentation provided to the team supports this.
  • Good stakeholder communication enhances ownership and confidence.
  • Clarksville Academy affirms and celebrates student successes. Individuals and groups are recognized regularly for various kinds of achievements.
  • Observation of student assembly, web site, Pre-K king and queen parade, and commendatory phone calls to parents indicate that a culture of recognition is pervasive.
  • Affirmation and celebration build community.
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