Weekly News: March 4 – March 8, 2019

Youth in Government

This past weekend we had 35 upper school students travel to Nashville to participate in Youth in Government.  Our group saw much success at this conference—some of it even school record breaking!  We are so proud of all our Youth In Government participants. Below are a few highlights:

  • Congratulations to Cheyenne Deibert, Will Mabry, and Shaan Patel for earning one of the outstanding bill awards
  • Haley Shannon for earning an outstanding delegate award from the Blue House of Representatives
  • Hailey Ray and Selby Shipley – the CA lawyer team who made it to the final case of the Supreme Court – first in CA history!
  • Governor Endorsed the bill of Elvis, Griffin, and Jeremiah – as well as – the bill of Molly Clark, Jiya Patel, and Katie Thrash
  • The conference lobbyists endorsed the bill of Caroline Pennington, Caroline Giles, and Josh Wendell
  • From the Blue House – congratulations to Nikki Harnage and Kaylea Roberts who had their bill pass the house and the senate!
  • Special shout out to our awesome officers at the conference – Cheyenne Deibert, Maggie Clark, and Ben Truex! They were exceptional in their leadership roles at the conference.


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Engage, Embrace, Empower

Clarksville Academy is blogging!  Our new blog launched the week of Thanksgiving and will post twice weekly. The hope of this blog is to offer insights for parents.  We will discuss a variety of topics from technology, to parenting ideas, ways to prepare your child for testing, long breaks, etc.  We hope you will choose to subscribe and to encourage your friends to do so as well. These blogs will not be CA centered, but will offer insights for any parent at any school.  Subscribe at: https://clarksvilleacademy.com/category/engage-embrace-empower/


Cougar Store

All Items in the Cougar Store are 50% off!   If you say you saw this in the newsletter, you will get an extra discount at check out.  Go Cougars!!!!



Over the past few months our teachers have been hard at work raising funds for the Africa Teacher In Residence program.  This summer, May25-June 6 thirteen Clarksville Academy teachers will travel to South Africa.  The UK International Tours partnered with Clarksville Academy to offer a once in a lifetime opportunity to share their expertise with township schools to support the educational mission by co-teaching in classrooms, modeling best practices, mentoring teachers, offering professional development by building a bridge to connect purposeful and progressive curriculum.  They will collaborate with South African peers as they celebrate their values, strengthen their teaching practices, and connect creatively and culturally.  To help teachers participate in this wonderful trip, a variety of fundraising has taken place.  In the fall the teachers sponsored a bake sale, the upcoming spring IS dance and Friday’s Sock Hop are just a few of the ways the teachers have worked to raise funds.  Friday’s Sock Hop raised over $1500!    If you are interested in supporting this trip, please contact Sally Allen at sallen@clarksvilleacademy.com.


Important Dates

  • March 20-22 – Lower School Grandparent’s Day Celebrations
  • March 25-29 – Spring Break – No School
  • April 6 – Prom
  • April 13 – Steak Dinner
  • April 19-22 – Easter Break
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