Upper School News: March 6 – March 10, 2017

Honors Biology

The students have been focused this week on learning about a special group of proteins called enzymes. During our enhanced schedule days the students conducted and Enzyme lab using potatoes and hydrogen peroxide. During the lab students used ground raw potatoes, diced raw potatoes, and cooked diced potatoes. All animal and plant cells contain the enzyme catalase. When catalase comes in contact with hydrogen peroxide it chemically breaks the hydrogen peroxide down into water and oxygen gas (bubbles). The objective of the lab was for students to determine how environments factors, such as temperature and surface area, affect the enzyme reaction rate.

Honors Zoology

The students are becoming more comfortable with the process of dissecting and discovering unique anatomical features of each group of animals. This week the focus of studies has been on the group of animals classified as annelids. In addition to the earthworm, leeches, and marine worms belong to this group. Next week the students will study Gastropods, examples of organism in this group are squids, octopus, and nautilus. The students will dissect a squid.

Mock Crash

Next Friday, the Transportation CBL group in conjunction with the Clarksville Police will be staging a mock crash at the Cougar Sports Complex. Actors from our CBL group will be in the “crash”. Emergency vehicles, including a LifeFlight helicopter, will come to the scene as if it’s a real crash. All sophomore, junior, and senior students will be in attendance.



The CBL health and fitness group is working with the City of Parks and Recreation to create a commercial to advertise the Bcycles and visiting downtown Clarksville. We will be filming on Saturday March 11. We would like to have others participate in the filming of the commercial. If you and your family want to join in on the fun please contact Mrs Hardison at nhardison@clarksvilleacademy.com.



FCA meets weekly on Wednesdays at 7:15AM in Coach Williams’ room. We invite all US students to attend.


Box Tops

This is a reminder that CA collects Box Tops through our CAA. The money raised from this project funds various school improvement projects. Last year we raised over $2000 through the Box Tops program alone! Please turn yours into your child’s teacher or Ms. Turnage in the front office.


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