Upper School News: January 18 – January 22, 2016


Students in Honors Anatomy and Physiology began the third quarter studying the nervous system. They are currently focused on the structures and functions of the brain. They have participated in a virtual brain surgery and created “brain caps” using swim caps and permanent markers.

Mrs. Little’s Honors Biology classes began the quarter by reviewing the phases of Mitosis and learning about the causes (carcinogens) and effects of Cancer.
Students worked in pairs to create posters that would teach others about how to prevent specific types of cancer.







iCougar App

After a recent review of data for usage and preference for notification we are discontinuing the use of the iCougar App as of January 18th, 2016. Alerts such as school closings and other urgent information will be posted on our website, emailed, and posted on Facebook and Twitter. For inclement weather updates, also watch local news stations.

Welcome Wednesday

We are preparing for our annual Welcome Wednesday program in February. Each Wednesday we will host prospective families and students on our campus. If you know of a student/family that should be invited to Welcome Wednesdays please send that information to our admissions office at admissions@clarksvilleacademy.com. We ask that all referrals arrive no later than January 28.

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100% in 100 Days

A big thank you to all who have participated in our 100% in 100 Days campaign. We have been pleased with participation so far. Please remember this campaign ends February 17. To donate go online at: www.clarksvilleacademy.com/marketplace. All donations are tax deductible and can be credited toward multiple children in your family. Please support CA today.



Many of you take photos at various events and activities around school. We encourage you to share these with our Marketing/PR office as well as our yearbook staff by using the email photos@clarksvilleacademy.com. This email is designated for students and parents to send pictures taken throughout the school year. We encourage you to caption your photo or to write a sentence or two with the event name, students pictured in the photo and the date it was taken. We do not guarantee that every photo will be used, but we look forward to seeing your pictures.


Box Tops & Campbell’s Labels

This is a reminder that CA collects Campbell’s labels and Box Tops through our CAA. The money raised from this project funds various school improvement projects. Last year we raised over $2000 through the Box Tops program alone! Please turn yours into your child’s teacher or Ms. Turnage in the front office.


Social Media

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