Spelling Bee

The Clarksville Academy Intermediate School Spelling Bee was held today on Procter Court. Fourteen students competed from grades sixth through eighth. Students were taken through eight rounds were provided by the Scripps National Spelling List.

This was no mundane spelling bee. Students battled it out over words such as melodramatic, electrode, cumulus and the ever elusive esoteric. Students were offered a definition or use in a sentence for those needing it.

Seventh grade student Graysie Harper battled until the end, leaving the bee in the eighth round on the word resilience. Seventh grade student, Annalynn Rakett also held on exiting during the eighth round on the word infrastructure.

Madison Harris, an eighth grade student won the bee on the word philharmonic, which means relating to a symphony or orchestra.

Congratulations to all participants in today’s bee. Our top spellers for each class were, Zoe Drake, sixth Grade, Graysie Harper, seventh Grade, and eighth grader Madison Harris.

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