Q & U Wedding

The invitations were sent, the reception planned, and the Queens and Quarterbacks were dressed for the ceremony! The Annual Q & U Wedding was held on Clarksville Academy’s campus on Thursday, March 16. Over 44 Queens and Quarterbacks walked down the aisle to signify the marriage of Q&U. This annual ceremony serves as a reminder to our Kindergarten students that Q and U go together to make words.
The Q&U Wedding is an annual tradition for CA dating back over ten years. The wedding serves as an interactive grammar lesson. Students are reminded that Q and U work together to make words like quandary and quarrel but that U can stand alone for words like underwear! The ceremony is based on the book The Wedding of Q and U by Maureen Keegan.

Dr. Kay Drew and Mrs. Gina Goostree are escorted in as the Mothers of Q&U to begin the ceremony. The Processional continues with our Pre-K students dressed to the nines, with the girls tossing quarters and the boys carrying a stuffed teddy bear. They are our ring “bear”ers and quarter girls. Kindergarten students then enter dressed as Queens and Quarterbacks and take their place mid-court. A group of FUSE students act as vowels during the ceremony while our Senior buddies act as ‘Shushers’ (instead of Ushers). Coach Todd Hood leads students through the ceremony, reminding each student that Q and U are meant to be together. At the end of the ceremony students move their tasty ring pops from the right hand to the left hand. A short reception is held afterward.

This event is something our students remember for years and a wonderful Clarksville Academy tradition!

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