Please Read: Letter and Important Information

August 5, 2015
Dear CA Families,


Summer 2015 has been filled with summer camps, new family visits, campus updates, and endless preparations for the 2015-2016 academic year.  We are happy to welcome all of our Cougars next week and look forward to another successful school year!
I want to take a moment and reflect on our school and students’ accomplishments.  Each year, our competitive student body and faculty/staff surpasses previous achievements, sets new goals, and new campus highlights are achieved.  In 2015, our graduating class of only 37 reached $4.7 million in scholarship dollars.  This is remarkable!  Our students also receive 100% college acceptance.  With the academic rigor and the related experiences our students are receiving, the possibilities are endless.


Listed below are among the many accomplishments CA has recently achieved:


  • National Merit Qualifier
  • Apple Distinguished Educator Selection
  • Over 12,000 Hours of Community Service
  • CBL Project Success – Outdoor Fitness Additions in the local community and B-Cycle Project
  • Athletic Teams State Recognition
  • Collegiate Team Athletic Signings
  • Clarksville Academy goes Green – Green Certification
  • Annual Giving Participation Success
  • New Academic Building located adjacent to Cumberland Terrace and facing North Second Street
Thank you for being strong supporters for our school and for teaming with Clarksville Academy in guiding your children through their educational journey.  It is a joy to work with you all and experience firsthand the excitement for learning.  It is going to be a great year!
I look forward to seeing you at orientations on August 11th!


Kay D. Drew
Head of School
Below, you will find helpful reminders regarding orientations and information for the new school year.

Important Dates

Class Orientation Schedule:
(A member from the business office will be at orientations to collect any payments and fees)
Tuesday, August 11th
Lower School
1st Grade                     8:00 A.M.
2nd Grade                   9:00 A.M.
3rd Grade                    10:00 A.M.
4th – 5th Grades          11:00 A.M.
KDG                             12:00 P.M.
Pre-K                            1:30 P.M.
Intermediate & Upper School
6th Grade                      3:00 P.M.
7th – 8th Grades           4:00 P.M.
9th – 12th Grades         5:30 P.M.
Thursday, August 13th – Classes are in session.
(Half day for Pre-K and Kindergarten only)
Boo Hoo Breakfast
All Parents of Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten students are invited to join us Thursday, August 13, at 8:00 A.M. in the Dorothy Martin Library for the Annual Boo Hoo Breakfast, sponsored by the Clarksville Academy Association (Parent Association).  Join us for a time of breakfast, laughter, and tears as we commemorate this special and exciting time in our students’ lives.
Back to School Bash
The Annual Back to School Bash will be held at Clarksville Academy on Thursday, August 13, from 5:30 P.M. – 7:00 P.M.  We encourage all families to come out for food, beverages, and games, and help us celebrate a new school year.  We will be introducing our fall sports teams during this event.  


Morning Drop off and Afternoon Pick up
Detailed information and instructions will be given at orientations. 


At this time, lunch forms are available on our website for August 13 and 14, as well as the following week, August 17 – 21.  Preorders must be submitted by Friday, August 7 


Transportation Request
Information for bus transportation and the downloadable bus service registration form are available at
2015-2016 CA Families Directory/Emergency Contact Information

PowerSchool Updates:

Directory Information: The 2015-2016 School Directory will be compiled from PowerSchool. Please view your child’s information in PowerSchool and make any updates or corrections, if needed, no later than Thursday, August 13th. You may find the link to PowerSchool by visiting PowerSchool will be located under the Quick Links section. If you have not received log in information for your child’s PowerSchool account, please contact the office at 931-647-6311 or email Kari Turner at, Sheila Ragsdale at, or Jessica Peacher Williams at


PowerSchool Emergency Form Update: PowerSchool is the CA student database system. This system stores all emergency contact information for each student.  Every student will need an updated Emergency form for the 2015-16 school year. You may access this form by selecting the Demographic/Emergency tab.  Make sure to digitally sign the parent release section at the bottom of that page.  Tennessee State Law states that students should have all emergency contact information submitted by the first day of school.  If you child does not have this on file by the first day of school, you will be notified and asked to come in for completion.  If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the front office at 931-647-6311.  If your child is a first year cougar and you have not received a PowerSchool Login and Password, please contact the front office.  We can provide you with this information.


If you need further assistance, please contact the front office at 931-647-6311.  We will be glad to help.
Begin Your Journey.