Lower School News: September 25 – September 28, 2017


Kindergarten enjoyed M&M math today. We sorted, graphed, and determined the greatest number and fewest number of M&M candies. Of course we enjoyed eating a few afterwards.


4th graders in the FUSE program recently enjoyed a presentation from local businesswoman, Casey Jenkins, whose family owns Jenkins and Wynne Ford Lincoln Honda dealership in Clarksville, TN.  Casey shared with students how she uses math in her day-to-day activities in the vehicle business.  She specifically focused on the use of large numbers through the millions place values and the real-world use of ordering, comparing, rounding, estimation, adding, and subtracting of large numbers.  Casey’s presentation coincided with the topics 4th graders have been studying in math in relation to place value through the millions and to kick off the “If I Had a Million Dollars” project.  For this project, students will spend a pretend $1,000,000 on various big ticket items including new vehicles.


5th grade FUSE Writing students used a scrambled paragraph strategy to practice identifying and organizing structured writing.


Social Studies

4th grade FUSE students worked on research projects about their favorite group of Natives from Mesoamerica. Students worked to identify and share their location, clothing, shelter, food, and other interesting facts.

5th Grade

Clarksville Academy’s 5th graders in the FUSE program were excited recently to present a check for $535 to Pam McCaslin, sister of Dawn Stanfill, to be donated to The Dawn Stanfill Foundation.  The Dawn Stanfill Foundation is a foundation that honors the memory of local teacher, Dawn Stanfill, who passed away from breast cancer.  In her memory and for her love of children, the foundation provides financial and emotional support to local area families and children dealing with childhood cancer.  September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month, and the support color for childhood cancer is yellow gold, the 5th grade Color Wars color, which inspired the 5th graders to choose childhood cancer awareness as their community service portion of the Homecoming Door Wars competition.

1ST Grade

First Grade students sequenced events in a story by telling what they did on their summer vacation.

Science Lab News

1st grade

First graders reviewed the parts of plants – roots stems and leaves.  We had cornstalks to identify stems and leaves.  We also used the sense of smell to observes a variety of leaves: mint, rosemary, sage, and even chives.


2nd grade

Second graders discussed how things move.  We investigated Force, Motion and Friction by Bowling!  We observed how much force it takes to knock our pins down, and how friction changes the results.


3rd Grade

Third grade observed Ornamental corn and discussed heredity and how characteristics are transmitted to offspring.  We also conducted and experiment to note the flow of water through a variety of stems.  We looked at how celery stalks (stems) transport colored water changing leaves to blue and red.

Retake Day

Photo retakes will be held on November 6.


Golly G’s

Golly Gs is offering a 10% discount to students who come after Friday night football games. If you tell them “Go Cougars!,” you will get 10% off. After each Friday night, the school with the most tallies will receive 10% off the next Tuesday. At the end of the season, the school with the most participation will have a limited edition ice cream named after their mascot.


Box Top Contest

The CAA invites everyone to participate in our Box Tops Contest this year! When you turn in your Box Tops please label the baggie with your student’s name, grade and teacher (Lower School). A tally will be kept of all box top returns and a Pizza party will be awarded to the class with the most labels returned!

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