Lower School News: September 19 – September 23, 2016


In Music this week the second grade spent time learning how to write music symbols. It can be overwhelming to learn all the music symbols. Hands-on activities help students connect the meaning of the music symbol when giving them time to draw and reflect.




First grade Spanish students have been reading a story about families this week in the target language. Once students were able to show comprehension, they played a version of Win, Lose, or Draw to help students recall how to say the words themselves. They have done an amazing job!



First Grade

Our first grade students began their fun learning at APSU last week. The students will travel to APSU via CA bus and learn rhythmic activities such as locomotor pathway movement, gymnastics, and tumbling. These activities will improve motor learning and development and help them both inside and outside of the classroom. This active learning will be fun and educational. At the end of the semester, students will perform for parents demonstrating what they have learned.





Art News

Our first grade students have been studying the Elements of Art since school has started. The Elements of Art are the building blocks to creating all art: Line, Shape, Color, Form, Value, Space and Texture.  While studying the abstract artist, Wassily Kandinsky, we got to see different ways an artist could use lines and shapes. Using Kandinsky as inspiration, we created an abstract painting using watercolor paints for the background. Then to make our lines and shapes we stamped many different objects in black tempera paint. These paintings were incredibly successful, creative and you can find examples hanging in the main hallway (outside of the library)




Veterans Parade

On Thursday, September 15th, the second and third grade classes went to Liberty Park to watch a parade honoring our Veterans. The children showed their support and patriotism by waving flags and homemade signs thanking the Veterans for their service and sacrifice. Following the parade, both classes had a picnic lunch at the park.








3rd Grade

Third grade students have been sharpening their math skills working 3-digit subtraction with regrouping problems using Baiboard app on their iPads.




Fifth graders classified plants using QR Codes that sent them to photos of plants and charts that guided them through the process of classification.




Fourth grade FUSE Science students are exploring ecosystems and biomes through a series of games and projects.



Box Tops

This is a reminder that CA collects Box Tops through our CAA. The money raised from this project funds various school improvement projects. Last year we raised over $2000 through the Box Tops program alone! Please turn yours into your child’s teacher or Ms. Turnage in the front office.


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