Lower School News: September 18 – September 22, 2017

Science News

First grade observed Leaves, Flowers, Roots, and Stems.  We measured fern fronds and compared them with other leaves. We looked at live flowers and artificial flowers  and observed the difference between living and non living things.



Second graders dissected tomatoes to observe the seeds inside the fruit.  We had examples of cherry tomato plants and identified the yellow blossoms that will become the fruit. We identified leaves and stems.


Third graders observed the lab results they began last week.  We noted after seven days our pea seeds had germinated and the roots measured 2 inches. We discussed what was needed for our seeds to sprout.



2nd Grade

Ms. Phillips’ class had fun writing friendly letters to the students in Mrs. Clemments’ class.


3rd Grade

Third grade students are estimating differences by practicing board problems, sharing their math steps and participating in discussion with their classmates.



Music News

This month in music we are discovering the many talents of our Composer of the Month, Johann Strauss II.

Strauss wrote so many waltzes he was known as the “Waltz King”! Students had a fun time learning how to waltz!



Congratulations to Jeremiah West, a 2nd grade student at CA who has been chosen to perform in the Nashville Ballet’s Sleeping Beauty at TPAC this weekend!  Way to go!


Magazine Sales

Clarksville Academy’s Magazine Drive tabulations have been finalized and we are happy to share that we achieved our school wide goal!  Congratulations to you all!  Our fall break will now begin on Friday, October 6.

Thank you all for your hard work and enthusiasm throughout this fundraiser.


Retake Day

Photo retakes will be held on November 6.


Golly G’s

Golly Gs is offering a 10% discount to students who come after Friday night football games. If you tell them “Go Cougars!,” you will get 10% off. After each Friday night, the school with the most tallies will receive 10% off the next Tuesday. At the end of the season, the school with the most participation will have a limited edition ice cream named after their mascot.


Box Top Contest

The CAA invites everyone to participate in our Box Tops Contest this year! When you turn in your Box Tops please label the baggie with your student’s name, grade and teacher (Lower School). A tally will be kept of all box top returns and a Pizza party will be awarded to the class with the most labels returned!

Begin Your Journey.