Lower School News: February 22 – February 26, 2016


Kindergarten had a blast celebrating the 100th day of school Thursday, February 18. They had a lot of fun doing 100 exercises and counting to 100 and walking 100 steps from our classroom door.  Licking lollipops 100 times was by far one of the favorites. They are also working hard on mastering completing a 100’s number chart correctly. We had a fabulous time!






2nd Grade Math Lab

In second grade, students rolled dice and added the numbers on the dice. They compared their sums by using greater than, less than, or equal to.  Let the good times roll!






3rd Grade

Third grade has been studying about the continent of Antarctica. We have researched different types of penguins and created beautiful Antarctica art work. We also recreated penguins protecting their eggs with the Penguin Waddle Race!







Third graders have been learning about changing ecosystems and organism populations in Science.  Students have been working diligently to research and classify populations as thriving, threatened, endangered & extinct.  They researched on their iPads using various websites and library books.







3rd Grade PE

Our 3rd grade students had an active week in PE and enjoyed a game of hula-hoop tag.







Fuse 4th/5th grade French

All 4th/5th grade Fuse French classes have been using “Duolingo” in class and will do so through the end of March.  This program is an interactive language learning application designed for this age group and older which enhances what students are learning in class weekly.  Too, they will be assessed on their achievements and know their progress levels as they move through the program on their iPads.  They should be spending at least 10-minutes doing this every evening.  As well, they having been watching video clips of the annual “Carnaval de Québec” which feature snow and ice sculptures, actual ice hotels which visitors use during their stay in Canada, and popular winter sports including, ice fishing, sledding, skating, cross country snow skiing, etc.


5th Grade Music Class

Evaluating music and musical performances is part of growing in music class. This is accomplished by allowing students to perform for each other and by leading a class in learning musical concepts.








Welcome Wednesday

We are preparing for our annual Welcome Wednesday program in February.  Each Wednesday we will host prospective families and students on our campus.  If you know of a student/family that should be invited to Welcome Wednesdays please send that information to our admissions office at admissions@clarksvilleacademy.com.





Many of you take photos at various events and activities around school.  We encourage you to share these with our Marketing/PR office as well as our yearbook staff by using the email photos@clarksvilleacademy.com.  This email is deisnged for students and parents to send pictures taken throughout the school year.  W encourage you to caption your photo or to write a sentence or two with the event name, students pictured in the photo and the date it was taken.   We do not guarantee that every photo will be used, but we look forward to seeing your pictures.


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Box Tops & Campbell’s Labels

This is a reminder that CA collects Campbell’s labels and Box Tops through our CAA.  The money raised from this project funds various school improvement projects.  Last year we raised over $2000 through the Box Tops program alone!  Please turn yours into your child’s teacher or Ms. Turnage in the front office.



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