Clarksville Academy Pre-K

Clarksville Academy Pre-K isn’t your normal Pre-K program.  Class sizes are kept at or below a 1/10 ratio for maximum focus on individual child development.  Students begin the day with center style learning, choosing from a variety of subject areas.  iPad minis are used throughout the course work to enhance skills taught in various subject areas.  Students are introduced to coursework in reading, writing, math, and science within their classroom and travel to enrichment courses in music, art, and Spanish. Each child is given individual guidance to ensure they are learning the concepts being taught.  The proof is in the numbers.

Clarksville Academy Pre-K began the year with zero students reading and only 17% had mastered letter and sounds.  Students were scoring an average of 57 out of 200 points on the flash report used to discern progress.  As of March 1, 2017, 62% of students are reading and 78% have mastered upper & lowercase letters as well as letter sounds.  The current flash report average is 131 out of 200, which is a 230% improvement over August’s score of 57.  Due to small class sizes CA Pre-K students have participated in over 300 small group lessons, which is directly related to the amazing scores listed above.

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