CBL: SEP 2017

Sept 22, 2017 CBL Day

Community CBL 2017-18

On our First CBL day students were divided into groups based on the August interest survey they completed. 10 Groups began the process of working through the Challenge Based Learning format:

Big Idea -> Essential Questions -> Challenge -> Guiding Questions/ Activities -> Solution -> Implementation

Our Health and Fitness group facilitated by Mrs. Hardison and Mrs. Lindsey will begin followup reports on their recent installation of B-cycles at the Pollard Road Station and Downtown Locations.

Our Mentoring group facilitated by Mr. Christmas and Mr. Burroughs began with brainstorming ideas, narrowing their scope according to the format layout. They designed roles/responsibilities, defining the roles as they progressed.

The Literacy Group, has begun contacting off campus Resources and Experts in-the-field as they begin investigating how they can work in our community.

They have contacted the Adult Literacy Council, Clarksville Senior Citizens Center, and are investigating the LittleFreeLibrary.org which is an organization that helps spread the love and power of Book Sharing.

Our Clarksville Culture and Heritage group facilitated by Dr. Beach and Coach Trent listened to guest speakers, including our own Dr. Drew, along with Mr. Ryan Bowie (Roxy Theater manager) and Ms. Shana Thornton Morris (local author and playwright). They will be focusing on many historical aspects of Clarksville and communicating the history, of how Clarksville was founded, to our community.

Our Food Production Group (facilitated by Mr. Boyd and Mr. Walker) spent the morning canning Salsa made from tomatoes harvested from the Community Garden that the group helped design, build, and plant.


Our Food Security group led by Coaches Burkhart and Bragg planned planned their fall festival booth. They will work with Manna Cafe, Loaves and Fishes (donating bread monthly) and The Well.

Our Beautification group was hard at work designing a proposed mural for the downtown area. They have also been consulted work to redesigning and painting a recycling center.

Coach Magrans’ Recreation Group, were presented their grant check for $25,330 dollars. They met with the Rotary Park Disc Course designer, Mr. H. B. Clark, and played the original 9 holes, while touring the soon-to-be- installed back nine holes.

The Construction 101 group, facilitated by Mrs. Moore, began their day with a team building exercise. They practiced using tools: air compressor, nail/ staple gun, wood burning pen set tape measure, power drill/ screwdriver jigsaw, Power sander, and a Circular saw/Reciprocating saw.

Our Performing Arts group, facilitated by Mrs. Hollis and Mrs. Pitt, had a guest speaker from the local chapter of the USO. Among their options, they are investigating how to share the Performing Arts with servicemen and women.

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