CBL: SEP 2016

We Kicked-Off our 2016-2017 CBL year with a successful day.
We will innovatively investigate our Big Ideas, and Essential Questions. We will incorporate innovative guiding activities, and network with experts in the field as we utilize guiding resources. We will progress from our Big Ideas to our Challenges, and finally to our Innovative Solutions.
Our First Day found:
Our Health and Fitness group breaking into 2 teams with Hardison and Watson as facilitators. Mrs. Hardison’s team (seen below) is called “The Fit and The Furious”. Coach Watson’s team is “May the Fit Be With You”.

Our Mentoring Group under the leadership of Mr. Christmas and Ms. Beach have established a mission statement:
The Mentoring Group strives to redefine the strategies for mentorship in order to improve the lives of youth and make a lasting impact in our community.

Coach Burkhart and Coach Williams group, Food Security, began by volunteering at Manna Cafe. They assisted with Food Boxes and Food Distribution, and have scheduled their next investigative CBL day to visit Loaves and Fishes.



The Beautification group, under the leadership of Neizke and Drake, have partnered with Animal Control planning to beautify their site. They have established a joint effort with Animal Control and Lowe’s which will be painting, overhauling, and improving the site.




Mr. Boyd and Mr. Walker, Food Production, were on site at the Brandon Hill Community Garden. The group planted fall/cool weather crops. Seeds were donated by Montgomery Farmers Coop. The group was assisted by Karla Kean Montgomery County’s Horticulturist, and Michael Hampton of The Food Initiative.


Coach Magran’s Recreation Team Pura Vida visited Rotary Park as the installation of Clarksville’s First Disc Golf course is created. As the grant recipients, they will continue to oversee the project until it is completed.



Ms. Stonesifer’s First Responders group will be planning assistance for local first responders such as firemen, EMT’s, and policemen. They had guest speaker. Officer Ted Denney, who serves our Clarksville community at public servant with the Montgomery County Sheriffs Department.

Coach Jerri Bragg’s group Military Assistance traveled to the Public Library to view a portion of the Vietnam Traveling Wall. They departed for Ft. Campbell to view the Boots On The Ground display. They assisted in straightening flags that appear in the 7,210 boot display.


Our Transportation group, under the leadership of Mrs. Moore and Coach Hood had students share their experiences from the Vanderbilt Motor Vehicle Safety Program presented by the Pediatric Trauma unit. The group worked on their goal of having all members obtain a certificate for the program Ford Driving Skills for Life.


The Youth Matters group, under the direction of Coach Bauer, compiled information and investigated a variety of ways to support Youth in our Clarksville Community. As their first project, they painted Arts for Hearts. These hearts will be donated to people in our community to show support and compassion. They will continue to investigate ways to express support to local youth.

Mrs. Little and Mrs. Lindsey’s group Environment group has partnered with APSU with both Professors and graduate students as they assist a prairie restoration project on property recently added to Dunbar Cave State Park. They will remove invasive species, plant prairie species.

The Performing Arts group, now in its second year, will work with 2 components this year. They will focus on Theater and Vocal Performance. They have schedule a visit to the Roxy Regional Theater, and a performance at Dogwood Bend.


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