CBL: OCT 2017

CBL October 20, 2017

Each of our 10 groups continue with the Investigation portion of their Essential Questions.  Groups conferred with Guiding Resources (experts in their designated fields), they visited sites, met with community leaders, conducted surveys, had guest speakers and engaged in guiding activities as each group narrows its scope – and defines their Challenges.

Our Health and Fitness group (Hardison/Lindsey) continues the data collection portion of their work.  Survey questions were compiled and community members polled to determine specific areas of interest regarding Health/Fitness.

The Mentoring Group (Christmas/Burroughs) visited APSU meeting with representatives from the APSU 1000 Peer Leader program.   The peer leaders described the program and students then asked their panel questions to gain further insight into the topic.  They returned to CA and moved forward with their Guiding Questions as they investigate other independent schools with successful mentoring programs.

Literacy, facilitated by Ms. Stonesifer, had a guest speaker from the Montgomery County Adult Literacy Council.  The group then visited the Ajax Turner Senior Citizens Center.  They delivered donations of current magazines for the program participants, and toured the facility as part of investigating their program for the visually impaired.

The students in the Clarksville Culture and Heritage group (Beach/Trent) visited the Custom House Museum focusing on an exhibit that recounts histories of leaders and people of note from the Clarksville area.  The students worked with interactive learning devices, watched videos, and read information detailing the background of some of the characters in The Montgomery County Chronicles: A Tribute to History, Community, and Leadership Stage Play-Created By Shana Thornton.  Mayor Jim Durrett spoke to the group regarding this project, and the importance of communicating the history of our county.

Our Food Production Group (Boyd/Walker) utilized a portion of their day to finalize plans for their booth at Fall Festival.  They designed and printed labels for their Salsa, which will be sold at their booth.  Tomatoes in the salsa (canned on our Sept CBL day) were harvested, in part, from the Brandon Hills Community Garden.  The proceeds collected will be used by this group as they continue to work in multiple areas of Food Production.

Food Security (Burkhart/Bragg) and Team Boyardee, designed and purchased T-shirts on our last CBL day.  The team visited Manna Cafe to assist with food distribution, then returned to campus to finalize plans for their Fall Festival booth.  They made plans to volunteer at Loaves and Fishes in November, and have made bread donations to The Well.

Team Neitkze’s Natural Beauties has begun work on the Humane Society recycling bin.  They began the cleaning process, initiated the priming process, and designed the images for the final stage. They made donations of cat supplies for the Humane Society office, and were visited on site by the director Amy Shaver.

Coach Magrans’ Recreation Group visited the Disc Golf Course to review the final construction phases of Holes 9-18.  They submitted their Grant Followup Report.  They returned to school and began plans for hosting an upcoming event at the course, as part of the grand opening of Rotary Park’s Back 9 of the 18 Hole Disc Golf Course.

Construction 101 (Moore)  spent the Sept CBL day familiarizing themselves with a variety of tools.  This month the group was visited by Home Depot Representatives who conducted a demonstration on laying ceramic tiles.  Group members were able to lay their own tiles – grouting, measuring, and cutting tiles.  The group is investigating CA construction projects as part of their Challenge.

Our Performing Arts group (Hollis/Pitt) divided into teams and spent the day making preparations to visit the USO on the FT. Campbell Army Base on our Nov CBL day.  At the upcoming event the groups will work with preschool children of military families featuring: Arts and Crafts, Story Time (with acting), and Song Time.

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