CBL: MAR 2018

CBL Day Summary – March 23, 2018


1.  Health and Fitness – concluded follow up report and submitted their report on March 30. The group contacted Michelle Austin – City of Clarksville Parks and Recreation, regarding new costs for exercise equipment.

2.  Mentoring – continued work on CA Ambassador Program, continued progress on Solution Video.

3.  Literacy – visited Red Barn Daycare as potential site for 2nd Free Little Library, meeting with representative – showed Keynote Presentation, toured site for potential location of second free little library.

4.  CCH – continued progress on Montgomery County Chronicles: Students rehearsing roles, Complete Poster design, complete Press Release Draft , select photos for press release.

5.  Food Production – served as our Focus Group at Assembly, and distributed their DYI garden kits.



6.  Food Security – concluded all investigation work, volunteer work, and donations, completed Solution Videos.

7.  Beautification – Complete Recycle Bin Mural applying stencil paints, and labels for bin.



8.  Recreation – visit completed 18 hole Disc Golf Course.

9.  Construction 101 – complete 1st Free Little Library – adding shingles, and painting final coat.  Began preparing supplies for the construction of 2nd Free Little Library.

10. Performing Arts – collaborated with CCH – Performers continued memorizing parts and practicing, some students are integrating additional research on their roles to add elements for role portrayal.

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