CBL: JAN 2018



  1. Health & Fitness (Hardison/Lindsey) spent the January morning finishing their Followup Report on B-cycles (Downtown and Pollard Rd). The will submit the followup report to the CMCCHF (Clarksville- Montgomery County Community Health Foundation).  The group is also working on their next grant submission as they continue to impact the Health of our Community.
  2. Mentoring – (Mr. Christmas and Mr. Burroughs) continued their work on creating an Ambassador Program for our CA community. They are consulting with Mrs. Burchett (Director of Admissions), and investigating other successful independent school peer mentoring programs.
  3. Literacy – (Ms. Stonesifer) continued the investigation procedure establishing Little Free Libraries in our community. They progressed on acquiring their Charter Number for models for Little Free Libraries, and booking contact locations for Little Libraries
  4. Clarksville Culture and Heritage (Beach/Trent) hosted auditions for the spring performance of the Montgomery County Chronicles. Ryan Bowie (Roxy Regional Theater manager) and Shana Thornton Morris (playwright) assisted with parts for students, roles, and rehearsal schedule. Members of our Performing Arts group, under the direction of Mrs. Hollis and Mrs. Pitt, are collaborating with CCH and will be cast in the play along with a variety of others. The group members are also assisting with set design and decoration, along with technical production.
  5. Food Production (Boyd/Walker) added to their Lasagna layered micro-gardens preparing them for next month’s planting. They continued research on alternative food sources and how to cultivate them
  6. Food Security (Burkhart/Bragg) visited Horsefeathers and painted bowls for the Empty Bowls campaign assisting our Clarksville Community members who lack food security. The Empty Bowls fundraising event is hosted by a variety of organizations at multiple sites on February 27, 2018.
  7. Beautification – Natural Beauties continued on their essential question: How do we create and develop visual images/public works of art for our community? The group spent the January morning transferring their personally designed stencils, depicting a variety of images, to the Clarksville Humane Society Recycling Bin.
  8. Recreation (Magrans) has completed their Solution by installing the second portion of the Rotary Park Disc Golf Course. They continue working on the Follow up Report for their grant ($25,300.00) and establishing new content for their QR Code at the Disc Golf course.
  9. Construction 101- Collaborating with Ms. Stonesifer’s Literacy group, Mrs. Moore’s group developed plans and designs for the construction phase of the Little Free Libraries. On our January CBL day, they developed supply list, and will purchase supplies in preparation for constructing the libraries.
  10. Performing Arts (Hollis/Pitt) establish their Solution in collaboration with the CCH group. This group will contribute to the performance component along with members of the CCH group. Group members will be cast in roles of the Montgomery County Chronicles, along with assisting with set production, technical direction, and working with Mr. Ryan Bowie on the Spring performance.



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