CBL: FEB 2016

CBL Summary: Feb 26 2016

Our February CBL day found many of our groups concluding their Challenges.  Each group had had the opportunity to ENGAGE with Clarksville during our 2015-2016 academic year.  Many groups have begun the Solution Implementation of their Challenges.


Mrs. Hardison’s Team “Get Strong” began their Solution Video, and had a photo shoot during the week for the Parks and Recreation department.  The group has been chosen to appear in the Clarksville Living Magazine for their work bringing B-cycles to Clarksville.  Currently B-cycles are located in 2 places in the state of TN and Clarksville is proud to be listed as a location.

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Coach Bauer/Coach Watson’s teams “Flab U Lous” and “Wii Not Fit” continued work on their grant for new Fitness equipment location sites.  Their suggestions have been approved by the City of Clarksville and by the Clarksville Montgomery County Community Health Foundation.


Mr. Christmas’ teams: Life Changers, Lire et Ecrire, and Literacy Lions, continued working on their media presentations, and their Flyers for distribution.  They had a guest speaker: Ms. Velma Jo Williams, Executive Director of the Adult Literacy Council.   They have also ENGAGED with the Dolly Parton Imagination Library.


Friday’s CBL day found this group implementing their Solution as they ENGAGE with Firehouse Day Shelter.  Firehouse Coordinators had requested this group’s help with the possibility of creating a  Children’s Activity Room.  The group cleaned, painted, and carried donations of toys and books.  They organized and cleaned and began painting the activity room.

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Coach Burkhart/Coach Williams’ team:  Food Security was on site at Manna Cafe, assisting with food boxes and food distribution.  Manna Cafe has presented the team with a “dream to be fullfilled” that the group will oversee as their Solution.

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Mr. Neitzkes’ team:  This group has been mentoring students in the AfterSchool Program at Summit Heights.  Director Steve Woodard requested our CA students assistance with his youth program as they participate in a statewide Art project.  Students travel to Summit Heights on Mondays and Wednesdays to mentor in the art field.

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Ms. Stonesifer’s group has ENGAGED with Bethany House and will assist them with needed projects designed by Bethany House Director Jessie Smith.


The Bragg/Hood group Youth, participated in the Lunch Buddy program at Moore Magnet school as they continue to ENGAGE  with youth in our community.


Mr. Boyd’s Teams had their “ground breaking” at the Community Garden.  ENGAGING with the Food Initiative, Montgomery Co. Extension representative Karla Kean, Montgomery Co. government leaders, and United Way, they began the bed building on the garden site.

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Coach Magrans’ group visited Rotary Park in continued investigation of a site for a Disc-Golf Course in Clarksville.

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 Pitt/Hollis – continued their work ENGAGING with our community.  This CBL day found them  planning the fundraising for their Solution Event,  which will enable local youth to have access to performing arts otherwise not available to them.  They have planned a local concert, volunteered at the Roxy, and wish to continue their work in the Arts.



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