CBL: APR 2018

April Summary

Our 2017 – 2018 CBL Challenges and Solutions have been completed.  We have impacted our Community in many ways.  We have invested 7168 hours in our community during our year.  The CBL year began as students were divided into groups based on the August interest survey they completed.  10 Groups began the process of working through the Challenge Based Learning  format: 

Big Idea -> Essential Questions -> Challenge -> Guiding Questions/Activities -> Solution -> Implementation

We conclude our year with our Solution Symposium on May 4. Groups show their peers, and invited community leaders, their Solution Videos.  The implementation process is ongoing, and the impact is far reaching.


Health and Fitness:  Hardison/Lindsey

Challenge: Complete 2 Phase Challenge:

  1. Follow up Report on Pollard Road/Downtown B-cycle stations.
  2. How can we continue to impact the Health of our community by installing Outdoor Exercise Equipment at sites to be determined.

Solution: 2 Phase:

  1. Submit Follow Up Report on B-cycles (Pollard Road Station/Downtown site) to CMCCHF.
  2. Secured locations for new outdoor exercise equipment – based on survey results and consultation with Montgomery County Parks and Recreation – Riverwalk Park extension, and Civitan Park (Bellamy Lane).
  3. Submit grant for 2018 -2019.


Mentoring:  Christmas/Burroughs

Challenge: How can we assist with peer mentoring in our  Clarksville Academy community?

Solution: Establish an ongoing Ambassador program, working with Clarksville Academy’s admission office and Director of Admissions Amy Burchett.


Construction:  Moore

Challenge: How can we impact our Community by construction?

Solution:  Partnered with Literacy Group to design and create Little Free Library structures to donate to community.  Researched supplies and created list, acquired supplies for construction of 2 Little Free Libraries. Completed construction.


Literacy:  Stonesifer

Challenge: How can we provide access to Free Reading material to  residents of our Community?

Solution: Secure Locations for Little Free Library (1st at YMCA), oversee construction of little libraries, applied for and received charter number for Little Libraries, listed on national registry of LittleFreeLibrary.org.


Food Production:  Boyd/Walker

Challenge: How can we encourage  our community to invest in home micro-gardening?

Solution: Increased micro gardening participants, and constructed/distributed DYI gardening kits.


Clarksville Culture and Heritage:  Beach/Trent

Challenge: How can we impact our Community utilizing our unique Clarksville Montgomery County History?

Performing Arts:  Pitt/Hollis

Challenge: How can we impact our community utilizing Performing Arts?

Solution: Partner with local playwright-Shana Thornton, Roxy Regional Theater manager – Ryan Bowie and Montgomery County Government, to perform Montgomery County Chronicles which documents our Clarksville Culture and unique Heritage, assisting with Poster design and PR, Costumes, Music, PowerPoint, Set Images, auditioned for parts, coordinated practices, defined roles. Play scheduled to be presented at Roxy Regional Theater May 3 and May 5.


Food Security:  Burkhart/Bragg

Challenge: How can we assist our  community in the area of Food Security?

Solution: Designed group T-shirts, volunteered at Manna Cafe Food Distribution Center, donated Bread to Loaves and Fishes Food Distribution Center, Volunteered/Served Lunch at Loaves and Fishes, Delivered Jingle Bell Food Drive items, Donated items to The Well, Hosted Fall Festival Booth Fundraiser, Hosted Thanksgiving Bake Sale, Hosted Breakfast with Santa, Painted Bowls for Empty Bowls Event.

Partnered with Vicki Oguin – Loaves and Fishes Kitchen manager, Sara Miller-Manna Cafe Volunteer Coordinator, The Well- Jeff and Misty Shocklee.



Challenge: How can we contribute public artwork to our community?

Solution: Continued forward progress on Downtown Kite Mural, in partnership with Clarksville Arts and Heritage Council, receiving approval for design by DRB, Established partnership with Montgomery County Humane Society to create additional public work of Art on local recycling bin: created design, created stencils, and completed project.


Recreation:  Magrans

Challenge: How can we, using Recreation, impact Health (both physical and mental) of our community and increase our local park usage ?

Solution: Received CMCCHF.

Grant: $25,330.00, Oversee installation of Holes 10-18 at Rotary Park Disc Golf Course, upgraded data on QR code, Submit followup report.

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