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Legacy Breakfast 2021

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Due to COVID-19, our 2021 event will be hosted virtually.  We will announce the 2021 winners including parents, volunteers, and community leaders who have gone above and beyond in their dedication to CA. We look forward to celebrating our past, present, and future- our legacy.
Past Award Winners
Theresia Burchett Volunteer Award
The Theresia Burchett Volunteer Award. This person has generously donated time and service to CA’s betterment. During her time as a CA parent, Theresia was known as the go-to person to get a job done. She was a creative and generous volunteer who, through her actions, always inspired others to improve our school community. 
Past Winners Include:
Theresia Burchett
Tim Sawyer
Beth Mabry
Anne Bertlesmann 
Georganna Dozier 2021 (Pictured Above)                                          
Kevin Cain True Blue Award
The Kevin Cain True Blue Award is given to a CA Alum who shows ongoing school spirit. Kevin embodied Clarksville Academy ideals and took a comprehensive approach to support the school’s advancement and continues to do so beyond graduation. 

Past Winners Include:
Kevin Cain
Charlsie Hand
Sharon Massey Grimes
Christie Burger 
Tim Crocker 2021 (Pictured Above)
Honorary Alumni Award
The Honorary Alumni Award was created in 2020 and is given to a person who did not graduate from Clarksville Academy but has earned such an honor and recognition through loyalty, support, and service to the school.

Past Winners Include:
Mike Parchman 
Barbara Wilbur 2021 (Pictured Above)
Tim Sawyer Leadership Award
The Tim Sawyer Leadership Award was created in 2020 and is given to a person who approaches service to Clarksville Academy with great dedication. He/She has vision, but invites others to share theirs. A courageous leader who has high standards but is also incredibly supportive as others grow and learn. Also a person who epitomizes our school’s mission as a leader who has moral integrity and civic responsibility. 

Past Winners Include:
Tim Sawyer
Melinda & Chad Byard 2021 (Pictured Above)
Shan Smith Legacy Award
The Shan Smith Legacy Award was created in 2020 and is named after and given to,
a person who has remained a true constant at CA. Devotion to athletics and academics is something felt by all. This person has served on both the Board of Trustees and as a board member of our Clarksville Academy Foundation. The selection for this award is based on overall involvement and commitment to CA through multiple decades. 


Past Winners Include:
Shan Smith
Jack Turner 2021 (Pictured Above)
Maynard Impact Award
The Maynard Impact Award was created in 2020 and is named after Cathi and Joe Maynard. Upon finding out that our teachers lacked funding for professional development experiences, Cathi and Joe Maynard were inspired to help us solve this problem creatively. They pledged $50,000 each year for four years for our teachers. Half of the gift, $25,000, will be used each year to support conferences, workshops, travel experiences, and coursework. The remaining $25,000 will be given to the CA Foundation to enable their gift to be impactful long after these eight years. This year’s award will be presented to a family who has made a tremendous impact in our school, our community, and our city. 

Past Winners Include:
The Maynard Family 
Patsy & Wade Smith 2021 (Pictured Above)

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