College & Career Counseling


Clarksville Academy begins preparations for college admission with each student’s freshman schedule.  Please see the flow charts below to aid in your child’s scheduling.

Freshman Year
Sophomore Year
Junior Year
Senior Year
Overall Grade and Course Flow Chart

Senior Year Timeline


Study for ACT and/or SAT.
Create your preliminary list of colleges.
Utilize the website
Begin making plans to visit colleges.
Maintain or improve GPA.
Make your senior year schedule.
Attend NACAC College Fair on Sunday, April 30, 1:00p.m. – 3:00p.m. at the Music City Center


Continue to study for the ACT or SAT if necessary.
Talk with previous graduates.
Tour colleges.
Explore college websites that interest you to learn about admission requirements and deadlines.
Stay involved in your community.
Start your scholarship search at
Use the website.
If you’re a student-athlete, complete the NCAA clearing house registration at:
Complete student-athlete recruit questionnaires found on college websites.


Update your resume.
Register for the September ACT or October SAT if necessary.
Narrow down your preliminary list of colleges; at least 3-5 choices.
Meet with your guidance counselor to discuss your college choices.
Create a calendar of deadlines.
Stay involved in extracurricular activities.
Look for scholarship opportunities at the schools you are interested in attending.
(see each school’s scholarships, departmental and outside scholarships)
Watch for college fairs to attend (take printed labels of your address and email)
Start applying to college.


Register for the October ACT or November SAT if necessary.
If you couldn’t get to your college picks over the summer, make plans to visit during your next long weekend or break, attend college fairs when available.
Seniors have 2 college days they can use throughout the year.  (Use them wisely)
Continue to research colleges to narrow your list.
Continue to search for scholarships.
Continue filing out college applications.
Request your transcripts/test scores (2 week notice)
Keep records of everything you submit.
Get shining letters of recommendation from your fan club of teachers and employers. (2 week notice)
Get to writing! Attempt a first draft of your application essay and resume. (if applicable and get feedback from your teachers or counselor)
Determine if your school requires the CSS profile and complete the profile at:
It is time to request your pin and fill out the FAFSA at


Apply for the TN Promise scholarship at
Complete your FAFSA and/or CSS profile.
Check out any college nights or conferences you have heard about.
Speak with your school counselor or college advisor as often as you can.
Continue filling out your applications.
Continue to request your transcripts/scores and letters of recommendations.
Don’t let your schoolwork suffer!
Pay attention to deadlines.
Does your college require test scores to be sent directly from the testing agency?!


Keep track of all application components and deadlines; an incomplete application can ruin your chances for admission.
Young men need to register for the selective service at
Pay attention to deadlines.
Meet again with your school counselor and your college advisor.
Finish up your applications and schedule visits/interviews to your selected colleges.
Register for the December ACT if necessary.


Don’t let your grades slide.
Okay procrastinators: Holiday break gives you lots of time to finish your essay, resume, and applications, not to mention those scholarships.
Research tuition assistance and scholarships.  Do your parents’ places of employment, churches or banks offer college scholarships?
Turn in college acceptance letters and scholarship offers to school counselor.
Request updated ACT/SAT scores be sent to your schools.
Confirm your college has all the necessary components of your application.


Confirm your college has all the necessary components of your application.
Continue to focus on your grades and extracurricular involvement.
Continue to keep track of all deadlines.
Continue to fill out scholarship applications.
Send your mid-year high school grade report to colleges. (if applicable)


Tuition assistance deadlines are approaching — don’t miss ’em!
Selected a college? Mail in the housing deposit.
Continue applying for scholarships.
Turn in college scholarship offers to school counselor.
Keep your grades up.
Time to start making a decision if you haven’t yet.


Avoid senioritis!  An acceptance letter doesn’t mean you can stop working.
Try not to stress!
If you haven’t done so yet, it’s time to make an enrollment decision (May 1st is the cut off for most schools), accept the tuition assistance offered, and send in housing and tuition deposits!
Notify the other schools that you will not be attending.
Prepare for your AP Exams!


Most schools have a deposit deadline of May 1st, do not be late!
Take AP examinations that are given in high schools nationwide.
Send thank-you notes to those who have helped you out along the way.
Graduate.  Congratulations!
All of your college preparation has paid off. Get ready for your first year of college!
Register for your college classes as soon as possible.
I’m available if you need assistance after you graduate:

Important websites:                                                                                                                                           

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