Today’s A Gift…

By: Debbie Turnage, Receptionist

Today’s a gift…that’s why it’s called a present.

The longer I live in this fast paced race we call life, the more I realize just how fast it is slipping by.  Why not make the most of every day?  You will never get it back!  Make it a practice to look for the positive and count your blessings.  Take a moment to enjoy a sunset or a sunrise.  Be thankful today.  Find that joy from deep down that says “I am going to have a good day”.  But don’t stop there, help someone else along the way.  You never know what kind of struggles they might be facing.  A kind word or a compliment may be just what they need to bring a smile on their face.

Find the life you love.  As an adult, pick a career that brings you happiness.  There are too many working days not to enjoy what you do.  As a student, pick a subject in school, find a hobby or after school activity that you like.  Discover your niche!  If you like what you do, you will make an effort to be the best you can be.  That in turn will bring happiness and joy to your everyday.

I have the good fortune of sitting in the foyer at Clarksville Academy.  There I see our students and parents on a very regular basis.  I like to welcome each of them with a smile every morning.   Happy Monday, happy Friday, have a good day, have a good weekend, are just a few things you might hear.   I like to know our students are happy and our parents appreciated.   Sometimes if I’m really busy, they will beat me to it.  They wish me a good morning or have a good weekend, Mrs. Turnage.  I think that speaks so highly of our students, and makes me so proud of them for caring and speaking first.  You don’t see that everywhere you go.

All of us here at CA do our best to serve this school and be of help when needed.  This takes an attitude of putting others first, and sometimes it can be a sacrificial attitude.  The Lord said, “He came to serve and not be served”.  There is no better example to follow.  May we all strive to reach such perfection.

Begin Your Journey.