Tips for School Year Success

Clarksville Academy Admissions Office: Amy Burchett & Christie Burger

Who doesn’t love summer break? We all appreciate the simple joys of sleepy mornings and not rushing out of the house, long days playing in the pool and ice cream treats way past bedtime. As much as parents enjoy the less structured routine that comes with the summer months, by the time that the school year rolls back around many of us are ready to get back on a normal schedule. Here are a few tips on how to simplify the start of the school year and get your family back on track in no time!

Often times, the biggest hurdle to overcome is getting your child back to a normal bedtime routine. Here are some tips to follow on how ease back in to an earlier bedtime and create a bedroom environment that lends itself to a good nights sleep:


  • Keep bedroom temperatures cool.
  • Play light classical music.
  • Turn on an essential oil diffuser with calming lavender oils.
  • Consider using a weighted blanket for a calming affect.
  • Gradually push back bed time by 10 – 15 minuets per night leading up to the start of school.
  • No electronics for one hour before bedtime.
  • Place an alarm clock with your child in his or her room. This will help them to wake easier in the morning.

Don’t forget, getting ready for tomorrow should start tonight! Preparing the night before can make your mornings run smoothly. Here are some tips for getting ready for the next day:


  • Set clothes, socks and shoes out the night before.
  • Pack lunch boxes and store in refrigerator over night.
  • Check homework and re-load folders in backpacks.
  • Take baths at night, not in the morning.
  • Have children give their breakfast order of what they would like to eat in the morning the night before.


Now, super parents, you are ready to take on the year! Implementing a routine for your children will help the year run smoothly, help everyone to stay on schedule and foster happy students that are set up for success in the new school year.

Begin Your Journey.