Setting Goals for the Second Half of the School Year

By Alicia McQueen, School Counseling 

Everyone loves a fresh start!  As our students look to begin a new semester, that is exactly what they get, a fresh start.  January is a great time to set goals for improving upon what you have learned about yourself as a student from the first semester.  As you are planning ways to be your best and most successful during the second half of the school year, consider some of the following ideas that we have collected from students and teachers that have helped aid in student success. 

Teachers and students report that checking their email and Google Classroom daily is an important part of keeping informed on assignments and expectations of different classes. 

Utilizing a calendar or the Stickies on your device is great way to organize reminders for those assignments once you have checked your email and Google Classroom. 

Students should learn to advocate for themselves!  Students should talk to their teachers.  Teachers welcome student questions and appreciate the opportunity to talk with their students one on one to help them.

Students who follow these few simple guidelines will find it easier to be successful in the new year.  Parents and students should also feel free to reach out to guidance office, individual teachers or the administration at any time throughout the school to ask questions and gain a better understanding of what is needed in class.  

Let’s make 2019 the best yet!  

Begin Your Journey.