Micah Hughes, Intermediate School Social Studies


Wednesday, September 11, 2001
National Day of Service and Remembrance (#Patriots Day)

On Wednesday, September 11, 2001, as I sat in the middle section of my seventh-grade English class, I noticed a bit of commotion as my teacher, Mrs. Williams, went over to the door where our assistant principal started telling her about the devastating news of the attack on our nation. At that time in my seventh-grade mind, the term attack meant a fight, and I could not comprehend the devastation that we would witness in the coming hours. Never forget? How could that devastation ever be erased from my mind!

Fast forward almost twenty years as I sit in the back of my own Social Studies classroom and realize that the significance of this event has not changed or even aged with time. Every year, no matter what unit we might be studying in social studies, I take that Never Forget Day to spend time discussing with my students the significance of this event and how it has–and is—shaping their world today so they will ALWAYS REMEMBER.

There are ways parents can help educate their children as to the event and tragedy of that day so that they Always Remember. There are many books on the market that are written to help students of all ages have a better understanding of this day. 14 COWS FOR AMERICA is a book written by Carmen Agra Deedy and Thomas Gonzalez. One of these authors was a young African man who was so touched by this attack that he partnered in writing the book. Another is AMERICA IS UNDER ATTACK by Don Brown. Any trip to New York City should include a visit to the 9/11 Memorial & Museum at the World Trade Center. In addition, in New York City, the Broadway musical, Come From Away, tells the story of a small town in Newfoundland that played host to stranded travelers whose planes were diverted in the aftermath of       9/ 11.

The important reason to Always Remember/Never Forget is that we should always learn from history in order to keep it from happening again. Yes, September 11th changed those of us who experienced it, but we have to pass this information on to those who will eventually inherit this wonderful country so catastrophes such as this never happen again. 

Begin Your Journey.