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Summer Reading

Summer Reading

Lower School 2018 Summer Reading List
(Grades 2nd – 5th)

This summer, we will continue an approach to summer reading that combines our commitment to lifelong learning and the latest research in the field of adolescent literacy. This research supports the idea when students have a choice in their reading selections, they are more likely to read the material and gain a deeper appreciation for literature. Therefore, we are providing a list of popular websites from local, state, and national professional organizations to use as resources when choosing reading selections.

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To help students continue to be confident in writing, we are assigning a writing obligation for students in grades 2 – 5.  Experts agree writing during the summer will help students jump back into school more easily at the end of summer break.

All it takes is a quiet place, ideas, paper and pencil or a computer.  Why not become an author?  Try to write several times a week.  Writing is like playing ball or jumping rope:  You get better the more you practice.

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Intermediate School 2018 Summer Reading List
(Grades 6th – 8th)

This summer, we would like for students to increase their interaction with nonfiction texts like memoirs and biographies. These book options are all young reader versions of best selling books; this removes content that may be confusing or inappropriate for younger audiences while still faithfully maintaining the author’s message. During their reading, we hope students will find the writing engaging and the message inspiring. Students may choose any of the four following texts (click to see the book’s Amazon page).

All assignments (including examples) are on your grade’s google classroom. Unless stated otherwise, you should complete ALL activities. If you find that you are having technical issues, you can also find a tutorial for almost every app on YouTube. Use the codes below to join the appropriate google classroom. Before joining, please ensure you are logged into Google with your CA email.

**While some students may not receive their iPads until orientation, google classroom can be accessed from any Internet device. Students just need to be logged into their CA email accounts.**

6th grade class code: 2s4aqs0
7th grade class code: ey58s6i
8th grade class code: tt20a9z

Most importantly, enjoy your reading and have a great summer!


Upper School 2018 Summer Reading List
(Grades 9th – 12th)

The English department is delighted to share with you these options for summer reading. View PDFs below for more information for the 2018-19 school year.

9th Grade
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10th – 12th Grade Honors English
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AP Summer Reading