A Message from the Chairman of the Board

When I look back some eight years to when we first visited with my oldest, now a college senior, CA seemed like such a change from the large school she was previously attending. What we found after registering her was a campus where she was able to thrive academically, discover her athletic calling, achieve on a state level, and establish lifelong relationships with both students and educators. Our most recent graduate, having begun CA in middle school, has had a remarkedly similar experience. She is just beginning her college career in a highly acclaimed joint degree program that will have her spend half of her college experience abroad at one of the world’s oldest universities. As my third child begins high school, I suspect his experience will track much the same.
Clarksville Academy touts that 100% of our graduates are accepted to college. But that doesn’t tell the whole story. Clarksville Academy attracts and accepts competitive students, offers a rigorous curriculum, and offers an experience to scholar-athletes that encourages them to compete across multiple sports. Clarksville Academy recruits and hires educators, faculty, coaches, and support staff that know that these crucial years in a young person’s life chart the path they will take. Faculty and staff are focused on helping students identify their potential, identifying their strengths and interests, and helping them find success for the next step. It’s not unusual for faculty and staff, from maintenance to the Head of School, to know many students by name, even those they don’t have in class. Our experience has found faculty and staff supporting students outside the classroom at sporting events, extracurricular interests, etc. This level of intimacy creates a sense of trust and accountability, much like what you find in a family.
An essential component of this level of success is provided by vested parents and family that support their scholars. A family’s support is vital to the success of our students. Whether at the kitchen table working through math problems, volunteering on field trips, sports teams or through CAPA, making financial gifts through the Annual Fund, or contributing large programming projects like the Maynard MakerSpace, there are plenty of opportunities for families to enhance the lives of students at Clarksville Academy.
I’ve touched on the importance of the people the work at CA. The quality of CA’s employees is really without measure. This is so keenly illustrated by the impact that Covid-19 has had on education. As far back as last spring, before the decision was made to go virtual, administration, faculty & staff were preparing for that inevitability. Clarksville Academy’s Apple 1:1 Program and being an Apple Distinguished school certainly aided in that transition, but it has been the employees that make CA possible to continue to offer some semblance of normalcy in what is clearly not normal times. Employees, teachers, and staff alike wear many hats as CA but now like never before. Teachers find themselves assisting in a subject outside of their experience, and administrators pitch in the classroom when needed to keep students on track. The people we see in the car line are unsung heroes to our kids in ways that don’t get much press but are so important to their day-to-day academic experience.
Whether your children are currently attending Clarksville Academy or you are considering a change, know that Clarksville Academy is a special place with smart, talented, caring people whose focus is on developing students for the next step. If your student(s) currently attend and you aren’t involved, reach out & volunteer your time. If you are interested in a different experience for your child, schedule a tour or a shadow day visit. Clarksville Academy’s people, programming, and experience are worth ten times the cost.
Scott Giles
Chairman, Board of Trustees

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