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A Message from the Chairman of the Board

A Message from the Chairman of the Board

It was seven years ago that my wife and I visited Clarksville Academy as inquisitive parents, seeking a school that would provide a more challenging and stronger education and environment for our two daughters.   After our daughters’ day visit, we all were certain that we had found the place where we wanted our girls to spend their formative educational years.

We value that CA provides a college preparatory curriculum where 100% of all graduates are accepted to college.  We also are drawn to the cordial and warm environment that allows for a more relaxing yet focused learning atmosphere. The values of Scholarship, Honor, Character, Respect, and Success continue to be focus points for all students, faculty and staff and in turn, help prepare and equip all students to be leaders in and out of the classroom.

Clarksville Academy has entered its forty-eighth year of operation and has seen many changes in that time.  Through deliberate strategic planning by both the administration and Board of Trustees, the school has grown tremendously. We are experiencing student enrollment at an all time high.    Your Board of Trustees is committed to ensuring that Clarksville Academy remains focused on the future so all graduates are prepared for college and the challenges that lie before them as the leaders of tomorrow.

Both from an academic, as well as financial standpoint, we are poised for continued success.  Our Board of Trustees has not accomplished this alone.  All the members of our school community have supported the school in a myriad of ways.  Whether it’s by volunteering, cheering on our sports teams, or attending our annual Steak Dinner, you continue to be staunch supporters of every aspect of the inner workings of our school.

Thank you for choosing Clarksville Academy for your child’s education and we appreciate your staying connected and involved.  I ask that you continue with us on this journey so that the next forty-eight years can have the same success. It has been said, and I wholeheartedly agree, when you’re part of Clarksville Academy, you’re part of a family.

Tim Sawyer
Chairman, Board of Trustees