Every Day at CA


Every day at CA our students participate in fitness or physical education classes. Grades PreK through 5th attends daily PE classes. These are structured classes where the fundamentals of fitness, exercise, athletics, and team building are taught. Grades 6-9 also participate in daily physical education classes. These classes are 50 minutes and extend the knowledge learned in the lower school. Students learn proper fitness, weight training, and yoga techniques as well as personal health and nutrition information. At Clarksville Academy, we feel the soundness of both mind and body leads to a more productive student.


Every day at CA our students commit to a high honor code. Honesty, respect, and responsibility form the basic framework for Clarksville Academy’s behavioral expectations. We strive to be a school where students can develop their fullest potential, not only within their academic studies but also as responsible and caring members of this community. High expectations of conduct enable all members of the school family to live together cooperatively, honestly, harmoniously, and with mutual respect. In the fall students participate in the Honor Ceremony and sign the school-wide Honor Code. This code helps to reemphasize the expectations set forth for the CA community. All tests given to Upper School students also include a portion of the honor code that we ask them to initial prior to turning in their test. Upper School aren’t the only students held to a higher standard. We begin lessons in lower and intermediate schools regarding our honor code and what is expected of our students. Character, Respect, Honor, Scholarship, and Success are the hallmarks of a CA education.



Every day at CA we celebrate our past while looking toward our future. Clarksville Academy currently employs seven alumni in full-time positions. Their desire to return to their alma mater to work speaks volumes for the experience they had here. CA currently has fifty-six children of alumni enrolled in PreK through 12th grade. Almost every grade has at least one child of an alum in it. Frazier Allen, Class of 1994 commented,

“Clarksville Academy is woven into the fabric of the Allen family. My children, my sister, niece, cousins, and I all attended Clarksville Academy. I recall from my earliest memories the interaction between the “big kids” (seniors) and kindergartners like me. School was where I found heroes. Going to school each day felt much like coming home. I had teachers who cared for me like I was their own child, coaches who helped shape my character, and lifelong friends cast from the same loving mold. At the time, I knew the education I was receiving would pay dividends, and looking back I underestimated the value of the challenging curriculum.”


Every day at CA we compete. In the fall of 2017, we made the transition to Division II Athletics. This meant a tougher athletic schedule with competitors whose school size was more like ours. Over the course of the school year, our teams have achieved many successes. Football traveled over 1,600 miles during their season and made it to the playoffs! Our boys and girls’ golf teams both made the State Competition with the boys setting a school record. Two of our male golfers finished in the top 10. Cross country sent runners to the state competition and had a top 20 finish. Bowling sent two girls to the state finals, one achieving Miss Bowler of the Year and finishing 4th. Basketball saw many successes this winter. Our girls’ team competed in the Regional playoffs, while our boys’ team competed in the first round of the State Competition.  CA offers over 30 sports teams and competition begins in the 5th grade.


Every day at CA we practice innovation. Students from PreK to 12th grade have the opportunity to participate in a variety of STEM-related activities. In lower school, each class has a science and math portion built into the curriculum beginning in PreK. First through third grade participate in weekly, outside the classroom Science and Math labs, which are designed to be interactive and hands-on. Fourth and fifth-grade students have a science lab component in their daily science class. Intermediate and Upper School students take a variety of science classes with lab components. Upper School students have the opportunity to experience Honors, AP, or Dual Enrollment science classes and labs. Classes range from animal sciences to AP Biology, to Dual Enrollment A&P (taken at both CA and APSU). Extracurricular activities such as Math Team (3rd through 12th grades), and Robotics Club (6th-8th grades) offer students an opportunity to explore these subjects outside of class time.


Every day at CA students learn the art of creation through our Fine Arts program. PreK through 5th-grade students have the opportunity to participate in daily enrichment courses such as art and music. Through these classes, students are allowed to express themselves. Performances and art shows throughout the year give parents, grandparents, and guests the chance to experience what the students are learning. Intermediate and Upper School students are given the opportunity to choose between a variety of fine arts options. Whether it’s stone sculpting or printmaking, Show Choir or garage band, drama or debate, your child has the opportunity to create their own work of art.


Every day at CA student interaction happens in the classroom, the community, the athletic field, and the school hallway. Students are given the opportunity to talk with one another and their teachers in the classroom. Sharing student ideas, opinions, and thoughts are encouraged in each of our classrooms. Through Challenge Based Learning and iLink programs students are encouraged to find a problem and as a group work toward a solution. Oftentimes this includes working with the local community and business leaders. Students schedule meetings, give presentations and offer local leaders ideas on how to better our community. CA also offers a variety of clubs and organizations which encourage our students to actively participate in community service. Last year CA students worked over 25,000 hours of community service!


Every day at CA students are experiencing a variety of cultures. Whether it is a student sitting in a foreign language class, talking with one of our international students, or experiencing one of our many study abroad opportunities, students are consistently given the opportunity to experience new cultures. Beginning in PreK and going through 5th grade, students participate in weekly Spanish classes. Intermediate School students are given the opportunity to choose a language. In 8th grade, students begin their first high school class with a foreign language. Graduation requirements for Clarksville Academy require all students have four years of a foreign language. Students are also encouraged to participate in one of our study abroad trips which can be from 10 days to a whole semester.


Every day at CA we offer tours for new families. We invite anyone who is interested in a closer look at our programs, classrooms, athletics, facilities, faculty, or administration to come not only for a tour but to schedule a time for your child to spend the day with us. (Day visits are suggested for grades 1-12.) There is no better time to tour CA than today!

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