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Upper School Welcome

Upper School Welcome

Welcome Back!

We are so excited to finally be back on campus. We cannot wait to greet each of you in the coming days.  Whether you are returning to traditional learning or taking part in CA At Home we look forward to having you as part of our Cougar family.


Below are welcome videos for each of our teachers and courses. Simply find the course name and click the link.

Welcome from Head of Upper School, Denise Walker



Mr. Bob Baker, Literature and Film Studies

Dr. Danica Booth, Honors English I

Dr. Danica Booth, Honors English IV

Dr. Danica Booth, AP English Literature

Dr. Danica Booth, Dual Enrollment English 1010


Fine Arts: 

Mrs. Jordyn Baldwin, Art Appreciation

Mrs. Piper Bell, Traditional and Digital Photography

Mrs. Angelia Thomas, Piano & Voice



Coach Charles Clark, Wellness

Coach John Crosby, Fitness

Coach John Crosby, Wellness

Coach Trey Price, Freshmen Seminar & Wellness



Ms. Kristen Kretz, World History

Mr. Mike Trent, AP US History

Mr. Mike Trent, Honors History

Mr. Mike Trent, Political Science

Mr. Mike Trent, AP Government & Political Science



Mr. Bob Baker, French I, II, III

Mrs. Amy Hotchkin, Spanish I, II, III, IV

Ms. Sarah Stonesifer, Latin I, II, III



Mr. Corey Boyd, Algebra 1 & 2 

Mr. Corey Boyd, AP Statistics

Mrs. Lori Peay, Advanced Algebra/Trig

Mrs. Lori Peay, Geometry 

Mr. Shaine Walker, Dual Math 1710

Mr. Shaine Walker, Dual Math 1910

Mr. Shaine Walker, Honors PreCalculus 

Mr. Shaine Walker, AP Calculus


Public Speaking:

Mr. Josh Pulley, Public Speaking



Ms. Sarah Stonesifer, Publications


Mrs. Christine Lindsey, Honors Psychology



Mrs. Christine Lindsey, Honors Anatomy and Physiology  

Mrs. Christine Lindsey, Dual Enrollment Anatomy and Physiology

Mrs. Christine Lindsey, Dual Enrollment Biology

Mrs. Alyssa Ray, Honors Chemistry

Mrs. Alyssa Ray, Honors Ecology 1

Mrs. Alyssa Ray, Honors Physics

Mr. Adam Welch, Honors Biology