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Xian Gao: Class of ’13

“Clarksville Academy is like being in a big family. Once you walk in those doors you automatically feel comfortable and safe. I feel certain I would have faded into the background at any other school, but at CA I’ve been given the opportunity to excel. My experiences here have given me the knowledge and confidence to take on any adventure that is sure to follow!”

xian-cheer-photoThe rest of the story:
I transferred to Clarksville Academy when I was in the 4th grade. I can still remember those first few days and how nervous I was, but how nice and at home everyone made me feel. Clarksville Academy is like a big family and once you walk in, you feel comfortable but most importantly, safe. I definitely believe that if I had continued in public school, I would have blended into the background and become a total wallflower. However, at CA I have excelled and received many opportunities. I have played basketball and cheered on the varsity squad for the last four years. I have been very involved in Key Club, one of CA’s premier community service organizations. This year I serve as District 15’s Lt. Governor which covers all of Montgomery County and surrounding counties. This opportunity has been so wonderful for me.

My time at CA has prepared me for college and beyond. The faculty genuinely cares about each student and wants to see you succeed. When we received our MacBooks a couple of years ago, I was a little nervous. But our teachers made the transition so easy for all of us. We now use our computers for everything, and it makes life so much easier. It keeps me so much more organized and ready for the day.

xian-air-force-academy-02When I began my college selection process, Mrs. Walker was there for me every step of the way. In 9th grade I narrowed my selections down to my top tier schools like Vanderbilt and The Air Force Academy. I also had a few alternate schools like UT Knoxville, Belmont, and University of Kentucky. I began touring these schools, doing research and asking questions. Over the summer, I secured one of the sacred spots at the Air Force Summer Service Academy. It’s an honor to be chosen. That experience really help me to narrow my decision to The Air Force Academy as my number one choice. I applied for my top tier schools at the beginning of my senior year. I also applied for the coveted Congressional Nomination for The Air Force Academy, and I received it! I know without a doubt that I want to attend AFA and study the sciences and foreign language. I also want to go to Pilot School. I know none of this would have been possible without the education and attention I received at Clarksville Academy. My experiences here have given me the knowledge and confidence to take
on any adventure that is sure to follow!