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We make a life by what we give

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

-Winston Churchill

For the record, I agree with Winston Churchill!  As Head of School for Clarksville Academy, I have the good fortune of encountering kind, generous people all the time.  It will never cease to be exciting when someone contacts me wanting to help our school.

There is such a variety of ways to offer assistance-gifts of time, gifts of talent, gifts of labor, gifts of services, and financial gifts. For example…

Just this past week, we had the opportunity to honor two families who have given much to Clarksville Academy.  These families have given time, talents, and resources to make the school’s facilities, educational and athletic resources better. For them, it was rewarding to contribute to the students, faculty, coaches and families of Clarksville Academy, to make a vision become a reality.

Another family generously committed to giving $100, 000 as a display of devotion and gratitude to our school. Eight members of this family have attended Clarksville Academy over the past four decades. By giving so generously this family’s hopes are that many generations to come family and friends will continue to benefit from an education at CA as they have in the past.

Recently, on April 21st, 160 friends of Clarksville Academy gave time during their busy day to test drive a Lincoln around downtown Clarksville. Jenkins and Wynne graciously offered the Drive One Opportunity to our school for a spring fundraiser.  In just 4 hours together we raised $3200 for our school.

Maybe your gift is your talent?

Could you volunteer your services for a summer camp? Do you have tech, construction or artistic skills that we could put to use on an upcoming project? Could you help our teachers in their classrooms throughout the year with their needs?

Clarksville AcademySome ways to help could be:

  • Reading with a child who is learning & practicing reading aloud.
  • Assisting in challenging a math student who is working above one grade level.
  • Be a part of our parents group, CAA and volunteer.
  • Help during Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Volunteer during Grandparents Day.

Regardless of what your gift may be the important part is becoming actively involved.

Our gift making process makes the act of giving exciting and easy.  We want to work with all friends and families who want to give to CA to make a dream a reality.  You may want to honor a loved one & memorialize them, or you and friend may want to partner and name a project at CA. Monetary gifts don’t have to be given in a single year.  A repeat commitment for several years could make it more feasible while also being helpful for your charitable donation deduction on annual tax reports.

I urge you to give some time and thought to what makes you happy? Together Sally Allen and I welcome the opportunity to talk and work with you to make a difference at CA.