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Shelby Chapman: Class of ’13

“I’ve been at Clarksville Academy since the 1st grade and I think that has made all the difference in my life. Being here for twelve years really prepares you for the next step. Excellence is expected here whether it is in athletics or academics. We are prepared for ANY opportunity that may come along.”

shelby-seniorThe rest of the story:

Clarksville Academy has been home to me for the last 12 years. I can’t believe I am finally a senior and will be graduating in a few short months. My time here has been exactly what I needed to prepare me for the future. Coming here in first grade and experiencing CA from the beginning really prepared me for the next step in life. When I began at CA during lower school, I was able to see the older students, what they go through and how successful they are. It gave me the mindset that I can be the best because I have seen all the ones before who graduated before me. I was more prepared for taking my ACT, filling out my college applications, going through the college interview process, and learning important time management skills because of my time here. The whole time I am here, I feel I am being prepared for something better. Excellence is expected at Clarksville Academy from the faculty, staff and students!

shelby-soccerBeginning my freshmen year, I knew I wanted to go on to a great college. I knew that meant a high GPA. I began striving for a 4.0 GPA and have been able to keep this my entire high school career. Clarksville Academy taught me the importance of not only grades but time management as well. Having a 4.0 GPA isn’t enough to get you into school anymore, you have to show your involvement in extracurricular activities. I play three sports, am a member of various clubs & play an active role in community service. CA made me want to strive for more, & do something great, & I feel I have been able to accomplish that.



Last summer, I was one of hundreds of students to apply for the Service Academy for both Air Force and West Point. Lucky for me, I was one of the few chosen to attend BOTH! It was such an amazing experience and something I feel I have prepared for, for a long time. Due to this experience, and all my hard work, I received a Congressional nomination to both West Point & the Air Force Academy. These nominations are very competitive and I feel blessed to have received one. I should know in late March or early April if I have been accepted to either school. Mrs. Denise Walker, the School Counselor at CA, has helped me with the college selection process from the beginning. She begins working with students as freshmen to help them realize their college goals. She has helped me to make my dreams into reality. She has the tools and skills to help each student get into any college they want, as long as they continue to work for it.

For students looking at Clarksville Academy as an option, the best advice I can give is this, if you are determined to do something great in life, this school prepares you for it and gives you the skills you need to succeed.