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Lower School News Oct 27-Nov 2, 2014


This week in Pre-K we have an exciting week planned as we study the letter H, Halloween, and pumpkins. We will sequence, measure, and make a jack-o-lantern with pumpkins. On Wednesday we will take a field trip to Honeysuckle Hill Farm. Our annual Spook Walk is on Friday at 8:15. After we trick-or-treat around campus, we will end our week with our Halloween party.


2nd Grade

Following a study of map skills, second grade students used salt dough to create their own map of The United States of America.



2nd grade science lab

This week in Science Lab Second Graders classified and compared. We had 2 different organisms: Insects (Crickets) and Fish (Minnows). On the Minnows identified the gills, fins, scales. On the Insects we identified the body parts and observed the antennae, legs, and exoskeletons.



3rd Grade

In Science, Third grade has been learning about life cycles of animals to include inherited traits of animals and humans. We competed a hands-on learning activity entitled “FALLING FOR INHERITED TRAITS”. The students studied the text, compared inherited and learned traits, integrated visual technology on various inherited traits, and completed “A Genetic Tree of Inherited Traits” activity. The students followed up their activity by designing a Haiku Deck of Inherited Traits using their iPads. We integrated math by taking a class survey, representing class data using a bar graph, tally and frequency charts/tables. The students included a list of inherited traits, visuals, and math representations throughout their Haiku Deck.



3rd grade science

Third grade has been studying “Parts of Animals” to include the connections in body systems between animals and humans. Third grade had the honor of listening to a special Science presentation by Mrs. Denise Austin, MD. Mrs. Austin was gracious enough to be our special guest speaker in teaching us about systems of the body to include the digestive, muscular and nervous systems.

We learned through the use of text, visual representations and a hands-on interactive game of the body systems.

Mrs. Austin shared some valuable information to include:
The digestive system includes the mouth, saliva, esophagus, stomach and intestines. Excess exits the body as waste. The muscular system is not as complex as the digestive system. Most places of the body have muscles (underneath skin). There are 3 kinds of muscles; the skeletal, smooth and cardiac muscles. The nervous system allows you to think and feel. The brain is the head (center) of the nervous system sending impulses throughout the body (where the body uses its senses to feel).

The students enjoyed an interactive game with beanbags. They tossed a beanbag and landed on a body part. The students identified which body system it is part of (digestive, muscular or nervous system).





4th Grade FUSE Social Studies Students have been learning about Native Americans who lived in the North American areas. As a part of their studies about the Northwest Coast Natives, the students learned of the importance of totem poles in sharing a family’s story. Students used their gained knowledge in combination with their creative talents, to design impressive totem poles representing their families. This past week the students began presenting their creations, and sharing their family virtues. Soon the 4th graders’ totem poles will be on display in the library for everyone at CA to enjoy!



4th Grade FUSE Science studied and observed seed adaptations. Students then created 3-D seeds for a particular biome with the adaptations needed for them to reproduce and survive in the biome.


Fifth Grade FUSE Social Studies spent last week diving deep into the conflicts surrounding the French and Indian War. Students put themselves in the shoes of British Colonists, French fur traders, and Native Americans as they discovered how the events leading up to this war affected all of those involved. Students worked in conflict groups, then taught one another about their findings.




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