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Little Cougars Begin Coding

Learning how to program empowers kids and allows them to express themselves in really cool ways!! Our students are being introduced to computer coding and programming through engaging apps and games! Coding games and apps with a visual programming language teach logic and concepts.  Just like learning a language- its best to start when they are young.

This week, our 1st Grade students are being introduced to computer programming by using the board game, Robot Turtles ( in small groups and the app, Daisy the Dinosaur, to practice coding. These are great ways that visually show the logic of the programming language. Our students found really fun ways to make Daisy move while learning the basic programming commands and concepts!

We want our little cougars to become fluent with technology; going from simply interacting with technology, to creating technology and expressing their creativity in new ways!

We love that students can use logic and the method of coding to develop creative solutions! Daisy the Dinosaur and Kodable are free apps, so feel free to have your child show you at home what they learned!