January 17, 2019

Friday, January 18, 2019 – NO SCHOOL

Due to an overwhelming number of absentees related to illness we will not have school on Friday, January 18. This… Read More >

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Life Map through Keynote


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Every year, one of the first assignments Ginger McGrath’s 9th grade English classes do is a Life Map. They are asked to plot 10 significant events that have occurred in their lives so far. Once they’ve completed the map, they are then tasked with writing a personal narrative that highlights one of those impactful moments. This personal narrative is then transformed into a Keynote presentation filled with pictures that represent their experience and in which they record themselves reading their personal narrative. This is one her favorite assignments of the year; it shows what really matters to them, and often at times it even gets Mrs. McGrath a little choked up.

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