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Letter P Popplets!

The use of the app Popplet has spread throughout our Lower School- right down to our Kindergarten classrooms! This week our little Cougars used a couple different apps during their “App Attack” time! Last week, we shared how these kindergarten students were using QR Codes to practice reading their sight words and color words. This week we updated the QR Codes to display words that start with the letter P! They went around the room scanning and reading words such as: pet, peck, pig, pinkie, Peppa Pig, pan or pink. After “reading the room”, students came back to their tables to create a concept map for the letter P.

We took the students step by step on how to create their first popple (or box), insert text, change the popple color, and connect other popples! Each student was able to create their own Letter P Popplet! Take a look at these two students’ work…