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Lance Morgan: Alumni ’02; Owen Morgan, Future Cougar; Kayla Morgan, 3rd Grade CA Teacher

“As a CA Alumni I can’t wait for my two year old son Owen to be old enough to attend Pre-K there. I know he will love the small family-like atmosphere, the campus wide interaction like pep rallies & Senior-Kindergarten buddies. CA will be as much a part of who he is, as it is for me. Clarksville Academy gave me the tools to succeed in college and beyond.”

Morgan-with-familyThe rest of the story:
I graduated Clarksville Academy in 2002 and remember my time there fondly. I attended from 8th grade through 12th grade. Even as a child I knew what we had at school was special. I was a Cougar from the first day. I remember all the fun I had playing sports, going on field trips, and making memories. I can still remember my Kindergarten-Senior Buddy, Charlie. We had so much fun together, and I loved how excited he and his friends would get when they would see me in the halls at school.

Now that I have a son, I can’t wait for Owen to experience all of those things. He is only two and we still have two years to go before he can enroll in Pre-K, but it is something we are all looking forward to. The Pre-K program is known to have excellent results for children. Students who have experienced this program have been more likely to have early reading and writing skills when entering Kindergarten and have a better phonics awareness. This program has proven to make the student more successful throughout their academic career. (The guidance office has done a study that shows that students who enrolled in CA for Pre-K or Kindergarten at CA had higher ACT scores than students who began later in their schooling.)Morgan-with-son

My wife Kayla, began working at CA this year and it’s been the perfect fit for her. She has worked at other schools and experienced various grades and school environments, but has never felt as at home as she does working at Clarksville Academy. The administration, staff and students are all so supportive of the learning process.

Our house is Cougar through and through and we can’t wait for Owen to be a part of that experience!